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British people are maybe the most excentric persons in the world. So many explorers come from that country which also invented tourism. By travelling around the world, looking for cozy, sunny and pleasant places, the British intellegencia created a new form of leisure: travelling, just for the pleasure, for discovering. Many famous toursitic spots around the world, like the French Côte d'Azur, have been created by the Brits, who liked to go there for resting.

So why do British people like travelling so much? For sure, because when you have a small, rainy and foogy country. With such circumstances, you might consider going abroad to discover more sunny landscapes...

Hum... Sir, this explanation is a bit short isn't it?! Would you mind to develop it please?

Ok... Actually, expect London and its brillant cultural life and patrimony, UK is not really reputated to be a touristic destination. And seriously, I wonder why: so many different regions to discover, like England, Wales or Scotland! So many historical cities, landscapes, hidden trails, ruins, pubs, wonderful coasts, and always, always, this spirit to look for going off the beaten track... I love this country.

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