Russian citadel, Afghanistan war museum, Termez

Russian citadel, Afghanista ...Russian citadel, Afghanista ...

Vestige of the Russian occupation in Termez...
Ichan Kala, Nukus

Ichan Kala, NukusIchan Kala, Nukus

Most of Khorezm ruins are not in a really good shape. Ichan Kala is an abandoned little village, with its fortifications and its mosque, and it is well preserved!...
Sultan Saodat mausoleum, Termez

Sultan Saodat mausoleum, TermezSultan Saodat mausoleum, Termez

A nice and lonely ensemble of mausoleums and blue majolicas...
Mizdakhan, Giaour Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Mizdakhan, Giaour Kala, Anc ...Mizdakhan, Giaour Kala, Anc ...

A vast cemetery covering 2 hills in the former Amu Darya delta. According to geographers, it was the 2nd largest Khorezm city.
Kirkiz Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Kirkiz Kala, Ancient KhorezmKirkiz Kala, Ancient Khorezm

If you think Ancient Khorezm citadels are a bit a kind of lonely places, get there: Kirkiz kala means "the 40 women citadel"...
Koy Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Koy Kala, Ancient KhorezmKoy Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Little fortress at the exit of Kirkiz village boarding to the road leading to the south.
Kokil Dara Khanagha, Termez

Kokil Dara Khanagha, TermezKokil Dara Khanagha, Termez

An interesting restored Khanagha.
Kul Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Kul Kala, Ancient KhorezmKul Kala, Ancient Khorezm

A little fortress perched on the top of a small hill, lost in the desert...
Koykrylgan Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Koykrylgan Kala, Ancient KhorezmKoykrylgan Kala, Ancient Khorezm

This strange citadel is lost in the bush and is considered by scientifics to be a cult structure dedicated to astronomical observations of the sun and stars.
Termez Archaeologic museum

Termez Archaeologic museumTermez Archaeologic museum

After long drive hours standing under a stunning sun to check out the different ruins around Termez, going to the Termez Archaeology museum is like getting into an air conditioned paradise...
Kara Tepe, Termez

Kara Tepe, TermezKara Tepe, Termez

Kara Tepe is a unique place: this is the only Buddhist monastery in central Asia...
Fayaz Tepe, Termez

Fayaz Tepe, TermezFayaz Tepe, Termez

Ruins of Buddhist temple and monastery lost in a military zone close to Afghanistan border...
Kyzyl Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Kyzyl Kala, Ancient KhorezmKyzyl Kala, Ancient Khorezm

This little fortress is well preserved, laying not far from the Khorezm ancient capital: Toprak kala.
Kyrkyz Kala fortress, Termez

Kyrkyz Kala fortress, TermezKyrkyz Kala fortress, Termez

A very well conserved abandoned fortress...

Mangit Bridge, KarakapalkstanMangit Bridge, Karakapalkstan

Picturesque pontoon bridge over the Amu Darya
Jarkurgan Minaret, Termez

Jarkurgan Minaret, TermezJarkurgan Minaret, Termez

A nice, original and lonely minaret overlooking a little village. One of the oldest minaret in central Asia...
Ayaz Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Ayaz Kala, Ancient KhorezmAyaz Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Ayaz is an amazing fortress located on three levels on the eastern side of the Sultanuizdag mountain ridge. Maybe the most impressive fortress among the "Ancient Khorezm 50 fortresses"...
Toprak Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Toprak Kala, Ancient KhorezmToprak Kala, Ancient Khorezm

The ancient capital of Khorezm. Maybe the best preserved citadel of the "50 Khorezm fortresses".
Guldursun Kala, Ancient Khorezm

Guldursun Kala, Ancient KhorezmGuldursun Kala, Ancient Khorezm

A very impressive and well conserved fortress.
Chilpyk, Ancient Khorezm

Chilpyk, Ancient KhorezmChilpyk, Ancient Khorezm

This amazing site is perched on the top of a conic hill, overlooking the Amu Darya river.
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