Acequias ruined village, Merida

Acequias ruined village, MeridaAcequias ruined village, Merida

A lonely ruined village, lost in the middle of mountains. The trip is also the occasion of a great car tour on impressive tracks.
Parque del Ejercito battle tanks, Merida

Parque del Ejercito battle  ...Parque del Ejercito battle ...

A little park dedicated to the Army of Venezuela.
Canaima old DC3 plane wreck

Canaima old DC3 plane wreckCanaima old DC3 plane wreck

On the Canaima camp air strip stands an old DC3...
El Playón / Rio Caura

El Playón / Rio CauraEl Playón / Rio Caura

Most beautiful place on earth?
Salto Hacha Waterfall, Canaima

Salto Hacha Waterfall, CanaimaSalto Hacha Waterfall, Canaima

Salto Hacha is an impressive waterfall. But the best is that there is a hidden trail behind the waterfall. A unique experience.
Salto Ucaima waterfall and beach, Canaima

Salto Ucaima waterfall and  ...Salto Ucaima waterfall and ...

Just opposite from the Canaima beach, a huge waterfall...
Museum de Arte Moderno de Merida

Museum de Arte Moderno de MeridaMuseum de Arte Moderno de Merida

A little contemporary art museum, located in an interesting open air building.
Museum of colonial art, Merida

Museum of colonial art, MeridaMuseum of colonial art, Merida

Nice religious objects, displayed in a old colonial house with a peaceful patio. Short visit.
Acequias mountain village, Merida

Acequias mountain village, MeridaAcequias mountain village, Merida

Acequias is a lovely and lonely village, perched on a mountain close to the Acequias ruins.
Sabas Nieves walking tour, La Avila, Caracas

Sabas Nieves walking tour,  ...Sabas Nieves walking tour, ...

One of the most popular rides in Caracas. From Altamira urban district to the Sabas Nieves rangers station, every day, hundreds and hundreds of Cariocas come for exercise or a short walk...
Centro Simon Bolivar towers, Caracas centro

Centro Simon Bolivar towers ...Centro Simon Bolivar towers ...

Caracas oldest skycrapers... The Torres del Centro Simón Bolívar (TCSB) are also known as the El Silencio Torres.
Museo de Arte Colonial, Caracas

Museo de Arte Colonial, CaracasMuseo de Arte Colonial, Caracas

The museo de Arte Colonial is hosted in lovely villa: the Quinta de Anauco.
Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim, Caracas

Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al ...Mosque of Sheikh Ibrahim Al ...

There are approximately 100,000 Muslims in Venezuela, 0.4 percent of the nation's population. The Caracas mosque is the biggest in Latin America.
Teresa Carreño Theater, Caracas

Teresa Carreño Theater, CaracasTeresa Carreño Theater, Caracas

A gigantic auditorium hosting up to 3,000 people, located in a concrete, bunker looking like building... A huge centre dedicated to art performance.
Basilica Santa Teresa, Caracas centro

Basilica Santa Teresa, Cara ...Basilica Santa Teresa, Cara ...

Santa Teresa is actually made up of 2 churches, Santa Teresa (Eastern side) and Santa Ana (Western side). Both churches are joined in the centre (main altar).
Museo arcquidiocesano of Merida

Museo arcquidiocesano of MeridaMuseo arcquidiocesano of Merida

This museum features a collection of religious art.
Parque Central complex, Caracas

Parque Central complex, CaracasParque Central complex, Caracas

A huge and odd architectural complex, with the highest towers of South America.
CIDA Astronomical Observatory Merida

CIDA Astronomical Observato ...CIDA Astronomical Observato ...

An Observatory that also includes a museum.
Castillos de Guyana forts, Puerto Ordaz

Castillos de Guyana forts,  ...Castillos de Guyana forts, ...

2 old Spanish fortress, perched on a hill in the jungle, overlooking the Orinoco.
Botanical garden of Caracas

Botanical garden of CaracasBotanical garden of Caracas

70 hectares and more than 2000 species of plants from Venezuela and elsewhere.
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