Waraira Repano (Avila Magica)

Waraira Repano (Avila Magica)Waraira Repano (Avila Magica)

Go up to this park and you will be able to see the most beautiful view from Caracas from the top, and if you're lucky you'll be amazed also for some others views!
Iglesia Santa Capilla, Caracas centro

Iglesia Santa Capilla, Cara ...Iglesia Santa Capilla, Cara ...

Close to the Capitole, a peaceful church overlooking a very animated square.
Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas

Contemporary Art Museum, CaracasContemporary Art Museum, Caracas

After visiting the Parque Central, have a look at the Caracas museum for contemporary art. Nice a fresh visit.
Macagua I, II, III dam, Ciudad Guyana

Macagua I, II, III dam, Ciu ...Macagua I, II, III dam, Ciu ...

An impressive dam in the middle of Ciudad Guyana...
Mifafi condor refuge, Merida

Mifafi condor refuge, MeridaMifafi condor refuge, Merida

This refuge hosts Condors that have been wounded, to bring them back to the wild life.
National Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts,Caracas

National Gallery, Museum of ...National Gallery, Museum of ...

A collection of local and international painters. A strange contrast between a Neo Classical and a Modern building...
Cathedral of Merida

Cathedral of MeridaCathedral of Merida

An eclectic cathedral with a mixture of styles.
Mucuchies stone church, Merida

Mucuchies stone church, MeridaMucuchies stone church, Merida

A little church, pieced together from thousands of stone, by a man and his wife: Juan Felix Sanchez and Epifania Gil.
Mucubaji lake, San Isidoro, Merida

Mucubaji lake, San Isidoro, MeridaMucubaji lake, San Isidoro, Merida

Mucubaji Lagoon is a very touristee lake. But it is also the starting point of 5 lovely excursions that you can relish while visiting the Andes.
Caracas Sciences Museum

Caracas Sciences MuseumCaracas Sciences Museum

The Museum of Sciences is located on the museum square, in front of the fine arts museum. It is Venezuela's oldest museum.

Parque Nacional MorrocoyParque Nacional Morrocoy

Whether you go through Tucacas or Chichiriviche, Morrocoy is a MUST in your visit to Venezuela.
Choroni village and beaches

Choroni village and beachesChoroni village and beaches

Heaven into Earth
Salto Angel waterfall, Canaima

Salto Angel waterfall, CanaimaSalto Angel waterfall, Canaima

The highest waterfall of the world: 980m. Famous, but unique.
Merida's world's highest cable car

Merida's world's highest cable carMerida's world's highest cable car

Merida Cable Car is the world's highest cable car and the second longest after the Norsjø, Sweden. He is more than 12.5km long and reaches a height of 4,765 meters.
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