Linnahall, concert/sports hall, TallinnLinnahall, concert/sports hall, Tallinn

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A huge bunker looking like concert hall, almost abandonned, overlooking the Tallinn Harbour.

My experience, Explo description: 

This strange building was completed in 1980.

It is not to be confused with the primary administrative building of the municipal government (Raad) of Tallinn, sometimes referred to as the Town Hall).

The architect of this huge concrete structure is Raine Karp.

The 22nd Summer Olympic Games were hosted in Moscow in 1980. As inland Moscow had no suitable venue at which to stage the sailing event this task fell to Tallinn, the capital of then Estonian SSR.[1] Apart from the main venue for the sailing event, Pirita Yachting Centre, a lot of other sports and entertainment facilities were built during preparations for the Olympics.[2] One of them was V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sport, which was later renamed to its present name - Linnahall.[3] A large concrete structure, architect of Linnahall is Raine Karp.

The venue also features a heliport, Tallinn Linnahall Heliport, with former service to Helsinki, and a small port for Linda Line catamarans.

Please note that this huge structure was also used during the 22nd Summer Olympic Games hosted in Moscow (1980). As Moscow had no seaside, the sailing events took place there in Tallinn.

This spot is at the moment almost abandonned. You can't enter in: there are some guards. But you can still walk on the superstructures, where lovers, skaters and young people like to meet.

There is project to renovate this structure in coming years. So, hurry up!

My personal recommendations: 

Have a walk in this labyrinth at the sunset. This is when you might at most meet alternative (/drunk) people. I mean, this is if you are looking for a bit adventure. Else, the spot is safe.

How getting there: 

It is situated on the harbour, just beyond the walls of the Old Town.

A tip to eat: 

No place to eat there. Go to the old town.

A tip to sleep: 

Hotel G9: cheap and nice!

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long!

Visit duration: 

3à min.

Entry fees: