Since Lonely Planet presented Albania as the top destination of 2011, we can imagine that this small country (3 millions inhabitants) won't stay so long undiscovered by the mass-tourism.

As a traveler, the first thing you will realize before to go is the lack of transportations. The airport has the same traffic as an European second range city (Århus -DK- or Bordeaux -Fr-), there is no railway international connection (anyway, the trains are from previous Tchecoslovaquia so it's quite slow), and the roads aren't that safe yet.

After decades of communism and political inefficiency, the country now gets into a fast development for 10 years. In Tirana, Dürres or Kruja you can currently see how a country can change so fast!

Tourism is not a priority yet in Albania: instead of promoting its cities, the country promotes its heroes or its landscapes. Skanderberg is the guy to see in Albania, and the mountains are the place to go.

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