The Singing Barhan - Singing sand dune

The Singing Barhan - Singin ...The Singing Barhan - Singin ...

Across the Ili river in the north-east from Almaty there is a strange mountain.
Burabay National Nature Park : "Kazakh Switzerland"

Burabay National Nature Par ...Burabay National Nature Par ...

Unofficial name of the Borovoye (Burabay) region among local guides. Lots of lakes are scattered in between the mountains: Pike (Shuchye), Big and Small Chebache lakes, Kotyrkol.
Naurzum State Nature Reserve

Naurzum State Nature ReserveNaurzum State Nature Reserve

Unique Naurzum forest takes major part of last tract. These are old pine forests, as they almost did not change since tertiary or quaternary periods.
Aisha-Bibi mausoleum

Aisha-Bibi mausoleumAisha-Bibi mausoleum

The Aisha-Bibi is an 11th or 12th-century mausoleum for a noble woman, on the Silk Road. It is locally famous as a monument to love and faithfulness.
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