Rozenburg wind wall

Rozenburg wind wallRozenburg wind wall

An impressive wall, to protect ships from the ocean wind…
Rotterdam harbor car tour on the N15

Rotterdam harbor car tour o ...Rotterdam harbor car tour o ...

A 40km long raod trip from Barendrecht to the sea and the harbor entrance. A nive overview of the most modern parts of the harbor.
Atlantik Wall Museum, Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam

Atlantik Wall Museum, Hoek  ...Atlantik Wall Museum, Hoek ...

An impressive coastal defence system, defending the entrance of the Rotterdam harbour.
Maastunnel areation system tower

Maastunnel areation system towerMaastunnel areation system tower

A strange building. It took me quite some time before I realise what it is...
Haven Museum, Rotterdam port museum

Haven Museum, Rotterdam por ...Haven Museum, Rotterdam por ...

A small and free access museum, to discover the history of the harbor.
Fort aan den hoaek van holland, dutch 19th century fortification

Fort aan den hoaek van holl ...Fort aan den hoaek van holl ...

Discover an impressive fort built at the end of the 19th century, dedicated at defending the entrance of Rotterdam harbor.
Rotterdam harbor boat tour

Rotterdam harbor boat tourRotterdam harbor boat tour

View Rotterdam harbor from the sea!
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