Baikka Beel Bird SanctuaryBaikka Beel Bird Sanctuary

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Thousands of migratory birds in a wetland that can be reached by two hours trek, The scenic countryside is a bonus.

My experience, Explo description: 

Beel or wetlands are one special geographic feature of Bangladesh. You can consider a Beel to be a shallow natural lake. How shallow? 2 meters or less. Baikka Beel is a part of the Hail Haor, a vast wetland of almost 100 acres. Each year in winter, thousands of migratory birds fly from way north to make this wetland their home.

The road that takes you to the Beel runs through scenic country side, typical rural area of Bangladesh.

There is an observation tower at the beel, you can climb the tower to watch birds.

Don't forget to bring your tele-lens if you are into wildlife / bird photography.

You can hire a boat and get pretty close the flock of resting birds.

My personal recommendations: 

If you are planning to watch birds in the afternoon, start sufficiently early so that you can reach the Beel at about 3:00PM. In this way, you'll get plenty of time to watch and photograph birds.

How getting there: 

Start from Srimongol town. Hire a CNG at station road, standard is 400taka for taking you to the Beel, waiting there for two hours while you watch birds and bringing you back to the town.

You can also drive your own vehicle. A 4WD Jeep or similar vehicle is suggested, the country road is not suitable for sedans. Take the road that goes to Moulovibazar. Drive for about 6 kilometers, you'll find a signboard that tells you to turn left from there to reach Baikka Beel. Now you are on country road and the road is marked with signboards, you can also ask the locals if needed.

You can also consider trekking/bicycle ride through the country. For trekking, you can take a bus. They will drop you at the point where you have to leave the highway and get on the country road. The trek to Baikka Beel will take 2hours or little more.

A tip to eat: 

You can find some road side cafes on the way, but nothing to eat at the beel. Better take your own food if you think you'll get hungry.

A tip to sleep: 

Don't stay overnight, no accommodation at the Beel. Nearest hotels are in Srimongol town.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Sunrise to sunset.

Best time to watch birds is early in the morning for two hours starting from sunrise and in the afternoon since two hours before the sunset.

Basically its open 24 hours, nobody will block your way if you want to climb the observation tower at 1:00AM in the morning. But that probably is not a good idea because the guards work only during their work shift.

Visit duration: 

2 hours for bird watching.

Entry fees: 

Climb observation tower : 05 taka
Boat ride half an hour : 20 taka
Boat ride one hour : 30 taka