Baron Beach, the other beach in YogyakartaBaron Beach, the other beach in Yogyakarta

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Find the other side of beaches in Yogyakarta

My experience, Explo description: 

You can see how wonderfull Yogja is in different side, beside of the javanese culture and also the magical of south hindian sea. These beaches have beautiful white sand, but you cannot swim in that place.

There are also several place to climb.

How getting there: 

You drive from Yogyakarta by car, its about 1.5 hours, or using bus with this direction:

1. get bus to wonosari terminal
2. get bus goes to baron beach

A tip to eat: 

This place just has some seafood or indonesia food, you cannot see some western food here. My tips is you can bring some sanwich if you are not preferable eat seafood or indonesian food.

A tip to sleep: 

you can sleep by tent, or some cheap guesthouse

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All lay long

Visit duration: 

5 hours, by car or motorbike, you can see about 11 beautiful different beaches

Entry fees: 

Free, but if you go by car or motorbike, you will have to pay an admission fee

Access security: 

Sorry, swimming is not allowed at some of these beaches.