Bio-aromatic gardens of the Ourika ValleyBio-aromatic gardens of the Ourika Valley

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In the middle of the Ourika Valley (southern of Marrakech), an haven of serenity: medical and aromatic plants in a amazingly well laid out garden.

My experience, Explo description: 

35 km far from Marrakech, this garden let you discover the botanic richness of the country. 1 ha wide, it gathers more than 45 varieties of aromatic, medical and decorative plants.
You can go there and have a rest after walking in the atlas (you have many resting aeras properly developed in the garden) or just profit of the beauty of the garden and smell the perfumes of the plants. You can also buy some preparations made with the plants, whether to cook or to take care of your body. In the shop, you have also many products made from the plants of the garden and sold in the whole country.
You can whether have a walk alone in the garden, or have a 2-hour-long guided-visit to discover all the plants.

The garden itself, smelling and discovering the plants.

The resting aeras installed in many patches of the garden.

The beauty or health care you can have after the visit. If you like a massage, you have to book it before.

My personal recommendations: 

Go there after having walked in the Atlas, when a bit tired. You can rest in the garden and above all have a footbath with medical plants. After that, your feet will be as light as the air.

How getting there: 

It is 35 km south of Marrakech, in the city of Tnine ourika, in the Valley of Ourika, on the way to the sole ski resort of Morroco, l'Oukaïmeden.
Once in the city, you can follow the signs and turn left just before the bridge, in front of the "Gendarmerie royale" (i.e. the local police station).
To go there, you can rent a car but also take a cab from Marrakech, which will probably be cheaper than renting a car.

A tip to eat: 

If you book it in advance, you can eat there with local products.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

8 to 18h.

Visit duration: 

1 hour to 1 day if you make the "Meskallil-visit" (visit of the garden, lunch, presentations and educative games).
The guided-visit of the garden is 2 hours long but you can also have a walk without any guide.

Entry fees: 

From 15 DH (1,5 euro) for the first price (without any guide) to 500 DH (50 euros) for the 1 day visit with the lunch included.
You also can have special cares (massages, footbath), you have to pay.


Adresse : B.P 142 Tnine ourika Haouz Marrakech - Maroc
Tél/ Fax : (00 212) 44 48 24 47
Mobile : (00-212) 61 20 93 47 ou (00-212) 61 34 00 49
E-Mail : nectarome [at] nectarome [dot] com