Birishiri : the last stoppage on a bus routeBirishiri : the last stoppage on a bus route

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A remote locality at the end of a bus route that starts from the capital city Dhaka and ends in a district named Netrokona, bordering India.

My experience, Explo description: 

Birishiri is a rural locality laying at the foots of Garo Hills and ran through by a beautiful river named Someshwari. It's in Netrokona, a district to the north of Dhaka and bordering with India. The full length (mailing) address would be Birishiri, Durgapur, Netrokona, Bangladesh. Yep, your friends in Birishiri will receive the postcards if you send them to an address that ends like that :)

A trek along the banks of Shomeshwari in early morning or at afternoon should make most of the travelers happy, but you should see/do the followings as well.

Cross the river once you are satisfied with your trek along the bank. You'll have to get on one of the local ferry boats. The fair is 15tk.

There is a hill of white china clay, you might like to have a look/climb that. Ask local people about directions. They know that hill as "Cheena matir pahar". You can either walk through the village or ride a riksha to reach that hill.

If your trek was early in the morning, you will probably be seeing the china clay hill at around mid day and will be back to the point where you crossed river at around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon. You might like to take a dip in the river if you are adventurous. I did that and liked it :)

After doing all this, you'll be back at the place where you're staying at around or just after sunset. Hope you had a nice day.

My personal recommendations: 

As soon as you get off at Birishiri from the bus, ask the people at bus stop when and from exactly where the bus bound to Dhaka will start from on the next day (or the day you plan to leave Birishiri)

How getting there: 

Board on a bus bound to Birishiri from Mohakhali bus terminal in Dhaka. Tickets cost around 200tk (~3 USD) and this 200km journey takes about 4 hours. Autumn is the best time to travel. Birishiri is the last stoppage for that bus so its almost impossible for anyone to get off at the wrong stoppage.

A tip to eat: 

Remember the place where you got off from the bus ? You'll notice a some cafes around there. I know, they don't look charming. But this is not a problem for travelers who are looking for travel suggestions on this site. And don't forget to taste the local sweets after your meal, they taste much better than the ones sold at Dhaka.

A tip to sleep: 

There are two good guest houses at Birishiri, ran by missionary organizations. YMCA (Young Mens' Christian Association) and YWCA (Young Womens' Christian Association) hostels. A room with two bed costs 200tk-400tk. There is also a 8bed hostel room in the YWCA establishment. I stayed there with friends and it costs 150tk. for each bed. Both guest houses are within 10 minutes of walking distance from the place where you get off from the bus.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Best season time to travel is in Autumn. You'll have to do all the site seeing during the day and relaxing at the night.

Visit duration: 

48 hours are suggested, but you can stay for a shorter or longer period.

It's a small place. For most it will start to feel boring after 48 hours. Unless you have something else to do besides site seeing, don't stay for more than a night.

how can we book rooms in

how can we book rooms in advance and whats the way to contac with them plz..