Castle - Osieczna (Storchnest)Castle - Osieczna (Storchnest)

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This is a must if you are traveling through Poland. The character of the place has been beautifully preserved.

My experience, Explo description: 

Osieczna Castle was first build at the end of 15th century, many times rebuild with it's finall form completed at the beginning of 20th century. Since 1959 become a hospital for children.

My personal recommendations: 

Nice castle to visit, great park around and lake.

How getting there: 

By plane: Poznan airport then by train from Poznan Glowny to Leszno station, from Leszno by taxi to nearest bus station where You can catch bus nr 13 to Osieczna. Bus stops at Old market square where You can stay in a Guest house called ROGATKA.

A tip to eat: 

You can can eat in Rogatka restaurant.

A tip to sleep: 

Guest house in Osieczna at Old Market Square called ROGATKA; prices are: 1 per room= 17 Euro, 2 per room= 30 Euro, 3 per room= 37 Euro a night. WiFi internet included.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Castle is open for everybody, if You want to visit castle inside U have to ask the staff.


64-113 Osieczna, ul. Zamkowa 2
tel./faks +48 65 520 34 95
+48 65 535 04 77
+48 65 535 03 49
e-mail: szpital [at] osieczna [dot] com [dot] pl

Access security: 

There is a security guard, very nice guy, simply ask him if U can visit castle, U are a turist; there wil be no problem.