Curonian SpitCuronian Spit

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I am proud to introduce here very exceptional and most beautiful place in Lithuania (in my opinion).Ok, ok it's not out off the tourist track but, as Lithuania itself is not very crowded by foreign visitors that place can to become a reason to visit this country. Even in summer it's calm and peaceful, is considered one of the most beautiful Baltic seaside resorts with well preserved unspoilt nature.

My experience, Explo description: 

Curonian Spit is thin peninsula that stretches almost 100km. and about northern 50 km. of spit belongs to Lithuania and another part to Russia. There you will find very fine, long sand beaches and one of the highest moving (drifting) sand dunes in Europe, with average height 35 meters, but some even the height of 60 meters.

You can spend time in the nice beaches (it's sunniest part of Lithuania) and climb on the dunes (enjoy views) All peninsula has a national park status.

in UNESCO list

My personal recommendations: 

Between visitors you can meet mostly lithuanians some germans and few russians

How getting there: 

Take a ferry from Klaipeda about 10min.

A tip to eat: 

Juodkrante and Nida towns along the road restaurants, cafes and pizzerias.

A tip to sleep: 

camping in Nida, private apartaments and hotels

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

for fast look possible enough one day but if it's summer and you want spend some time on the beach you definitely need few days.

Entry fees: 

ferry from Klaipeda less than 1 euro for pedestrians and cyclists, for car about 12 euros

Access security: 

one of safest places in the country