El Playón / Rio CauraEl Playón / Rio Caura

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Most beautiful place on earth?

My experience, Explo description: 

Despite the fact that this tour is booked through tour operators, it is definitely worth the trip. Jeep and motorized canoo will bring you to the end of Lower part of Rio Caura, and here you will find a nature saying "stay, stay!!". The village of El Playón is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen and I can imagine. The calmness of the river, the adventure of the nearby falls, the indian history of this place - the wildlife, and this awsome breathtaking scenery... makes my heart pound quicker every time I think of it!!

The river Rio Caura - sailing in that canoo all the way to El Playón. Including the wild experience of the first overnight stay in that very basic jungle camp near Las Trincheras... and then finally arriving where river "ends".

The village of El Playón. It's so nice and calm and perfect. Don't expect high life and being able to buy other than warm beer - but you'll definitely love the scenery! Ask for the villages history, ask for the mineros, ask for Cristina, ask for the gasoline transport to the other part of the river!

The Para Falls, half a days hike from El Playón. It's tough to get there, but you'll have fun on your way. Take a fresh nice swim beneath the falls when you get there, and you will be able to make it back. Maybe you're lucky to see some of the natives. This place has a very special history, you will learn when you get there.

My personal recommendations: 

Book a weekday to go with your tour operaator. Avoid weekends if possible. We were only the two of us + guide + boatman to go, because we booked very early in advance for a specific day. One day after us a group of 30 people came, and that's not fun to be in a large group like that.

How getting there: 

Tour operator. I guess you can do it on your own as well with guide. From Ciudad Bolivar you drive to Las Trincheras in a 4 wheel. In Las Trincheras you change to curiara canoo.

A tip to eat: 

Food is simple since everything have to be brought by the guides.

A tip to sleep: 

Hammock usually! If you are not comfortable with those, the first and last nights stop you can make in Hostal in Las Trincheras, it's lovely!

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

usually 3 nights/4 days

This is really the amazing

This is really the amazing information shared with us , it will really helps anf guides many peoples before traveling their tour to different destinations.The river Rio Caura - sailing in that canoo all the way to El Playón. Including the wild experience of the first overnight stay in that very basic jungle camp near Las Trincheras... and then finally arriving where river "ends".Thanks for the sharing.

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Ok Marejka, with that said, it's hard to get lost! ;-)


U can't really go wrong. Just follow the Caura river upstream from Las Trincheras. Once you can't go further by boat, you're there :o)


Ok, no plan, you're right... But no complain if one gets lost! ;-)


In Article Quality, you ask if a plan would be useful. Noooo plans - that's not very adventurous, is it?!? ;o)

Tour Operator

I sure do have a recommendation for a tour operator!
We went with Gekko Tours, driven by a crazy German: http://www.gekkotours-venezuela.de/. Visiting Venezuela you should be prepared for the fact that anything can happen and nothing will go as planned, but since this guy still has western european blood running through his veines, he can understand travellers needs and requests (as long as you find him before his "before-dinner-drink") :o) No, his crew is really cool and he won't mess with you or your money, he's trustworthy and fun. Also check his Posada La Casita near Ciudad Bolivar, that's truly a great place to stay. By the way he owns alle the flights going to Canaima, so if you wanna go other places, just ask him...

Tour operator

By the way Marejka, do you have any tour operator or local guide to recommend?