Elbasan city tourElbasan city tour

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    Seems like this city is not too touristic. Possible to make cool Explo there Clément!
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      Description and tips are ok. And funny joke Clément... ;)
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      Cool useful information. Perfect plan, as usual...
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      3 pics.
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      This Explo could be split into different Explos, like one for the mosque, one for the old city and why not one for the sky tower! But exceptionnal, it can be seen as a whole
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Albanians will tell you that they get their flag from Elbasan. All the chemistry industry should have give its two heads to their eagle...Even if it's true that there is a lot of industry, Elbasan deserves to be visited.

My experience, Explo description: 

At 50 km from Tirana, Elbasan is a charming city with a long pedestrian avenue and its old city.

The old city is pretty cute with its old houses, church, and streets. During the day, you can have a relaxing day walking around and look at the beauty around you.

If you are in Albania since a while, you will appreciate the long pedestrian avenue. No car, no risk to be injured at each step (that's how you can feel during your first walk).

My personal recommendations: 

The small mosque isn't that touristic, but the believers there are quite nice and talkative. There, and in Albania in general, you must take the opportunity to meet people in and around mosques. Far away from the western world thought, Albania is an open minded religious area since centuries.

There is a kind of Sky Tower in the center town close to Bus Station. Find the elevator, go up, have a drink in the bar at the top, and have a view on the old city or the industrial area.

How getting there: 

You might take a mini-bus which will cost you 300 lek. (a bit more than 2€)

A tip to eat: 

From the bus station, walk along the old city wall, and turn left when you reach the corner of this area. You will find some pretty good places.

A tip to sleep: 

When you get into the old city from the Bus Station, you directly arrive in a wonderful place which looks like a roman area (thanks to the ruins and the modern amphitheater). Here is an hostel, very luxurious, but with a really arranging owner. We didn't have so much money, so he divided his price by two calling it "Studenti price". It was still 30€ with breakfast, but was fair compared to the other less good looking hostel.

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

At least a trip with a night in a hostel.

Access security: 

Choose your mini-bus!!! Some of them will make you sick as they don't care about their customers and drive so fast. Try and see if your driver speak English and seems to be a "relaxed" one. You will enjoy better the trip (wonderful actually) and arrive without a big willing for finding toilets.