Fawlty Towers on Lake SkadarFawlty Towers on Lake Skadar

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    It seems to be a very off the beaten track location isn't it? Cool Explo!
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      Dear Budapest7, I like the humour of your writing. Description is ok, but could be a bit more precise: -add an Explo teaser -describe a bit more the beach -describe a bit more what to see in the museum -and give a personal tip of something special you did there!
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      Useful information is ok. A plan might be useful, to help localise the beach and the museum. How can we get there precisely? Any phone contact?
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      Yes, many pics. And cool pics!
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      Localization seems to be ok.
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      The rule is: 1 spot = 1 Explo!
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A breath taking nature and sheer beauty of the lake, islands and mountains

My experience, Explo description: 

Pros: "The breath taking nature and sheer beauty of the lake, islands and mountains"
Cons: "The staff who run the resort, worse than Fawlty Towers"
In A Nutshell: "Borat and Basil Fawlty running a resort in paradise"

How getting there: 

If your hitch hiking and on a limited budget, then the only traffic I saw on the road were the odd tourist in their camper vans or cars, so if you don't have your own tent, be sure to ask other guests who are staying at the resort if you can get a lift. The owner might call you a taxi, but not sure what they would charge, but think in the range of €20 + to get you to Virpazar. From there you have trains and buses running to Bar, Ulcinj and Podgarica.

Useful information: 
Access security: 

Well the road from Virpazar is quite dangereous if your going faster than 30 Kms an hr or on a bicycle with dodgy brakes. I wouldn't enjoy either going along this road in a large camper or minibus. I can't imagine what would happen in the winter with snow or ice on the road and if there was a bad accident and an ambulance had to speed quickly to the hospital in Podgarica?

Maybe just my fear of heights.

I have been across the Himalayan mountain passes 4 times en route from Lhasa to Nepal, but this somehow seemed
more nerve racking, or just old age kicking in?

Hello Budapest

Actually you can re arrange pictures. Just Edit your Explo, go to Add Pictures, and then drag your pics in the correct order with the cross symbol on the left side. ;)

And you can download 2 types of pictures: 1) normal pics, and 2) plans/maps.

As for the 2MB, you are right, we can't change it at the moment ;/

Murici Lake Skadar

I hope ExploGuide make this site more user friendly..
Like being able to build pages easier and rearrange
photos in different order and allow bigger upload than
2Mb size.

Off the beaten track on Lake Skadar

I'm new to this sitew and still trying to work out how to build pages...:)