Fish Market , Chioggia, ItalyFish Market , Chioggia, Italy

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Located on the Southern side of the lagoon of Venice, 20km north from the delta of the Po river, Chioggia is a small town with an extraordinary fish market. But the town also deserves a visit due to its special atmosphere, its light, canals and bridges, recalling Venice.

My experience, Explo description: 

The Venice lagoon is separated from Adriatic see by a 20km long narrow coastal land strip.

Chioggia built for long its prosperity thanks to the exploitation of salt. Now, its industry converted to fishing and tourism. This is the third fishing port of Italy.

The "Pescheria".

Open daily, the fish market absolutely deserves a visit by his abundance and variety.

Moreover, it is a magnificent spectacle. One of the specialities of this market is the sea cicadas (canoce), which are delicious crustaceans. Obviously, it is also the opportunity to eat fresh fish in one of the restaurants in the neighbourhood.

On Thursdays, a large market takes place in the centre of Chioggia. Don't forget to buy some Chioggia red beets, and have a look at their pink and white beautiful concentric stripes.

How getting there: 

Chioggia is located on an island connected to the Mainland by three bridges. It can be accessed by car.

But it is much more enjoyable, especially if you are staying in Venice, to get there by boat, crossing the lagoon, which is a day trip.

From Venice, you must first go to the Lido by ferryboat (lines 1 and 2). 500m to the right of the pier, take the bus number 11 that goes to Alberoni. There, the bus passes a small pass on a ferry and arrives in Santa Maria del mare. It then goes to Pallestrina, where it will use a "motobatello" to cross to Chioggia. Note that all these transports are included in Venice Card benefits.

In season, a boat can reach Chioggia directly at the departure station of San Zaccharia (line CL).

Always from Venice, it is faster (one hour), but much less interesting, take the number 80 bus to Piazzale Roma (fare trip: 9 €). This bus bypasses the lagoon by Mestre and Lova.

A tip to eat: 

Restaurant "Sgura". Marangoni 1295, Chioggia, phone 0039 (0) 41 403 232
Just next to the fish market.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Fish market is open every day . It is better to visit in the morning.
Vegetable market is open only on Thursdays.

Visit duration: 

1/2 hour.

Entry fees: