Fort de Peccais, Aigues-MortesFort de Peccais, Aigues-Mortes

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An incredible site: the ruins of a 16th century fort, lost in the marshland... Atmosphere guaranteed.

My experience, Explo description: 

In the past, harvesting and trade of salt was the source of a successful tax: the salt tax. Many forts were built to defend Camargue and its production sites from salt smugglers. The Peccais fort is the last vestige of thse forts.

Built in 1568, the fort was also used during the wars of religion (it was a stronghold of the Calvinists).

From the 18th century, the fort lost its importance and had only a small garrison... The fort was decommissioned in 1820.

The site was used again during WW2 by the Germans, who set a few bunkers around.

To avoid any confusion, the fort was constructed before Vauban (1633-1707) fortifications.

The fort is in poor condition. It included once the homes of the Governor, the King's Lieutenant, the Major and the barracks: 3 2-storey buildings arranged in a U shape. There was also a chapel and a few amunition shops. All these buildings have now disappeared. Remain only two water tanks (on the southern side of the fortress).

Do not miss the base of a watchtower (called "échauguette" in French) on the northern bastion.

My personal recommendations: 

Take your time while visiting the fort. The surrounding landscape is magnificent, and access by car on a dirt road is long. On the way, you can see many pink flamingoes and other birds!

How getting there: 

Once in Aigues-Mortes, take the road "chemin du Bousquet" (east from the city), towards the vineyard of Mas du Bousquet. There are 8km of dirt track then to go, including a private part that can be overcome.

A tip to eat: 

Take a pic nic!

A tip to sleep: 

In Aigues-Mortes

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long!

Visit duration: 

3 hours.

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