Kampung Benuk VillagestayKampung Benuk Villagestay

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A window to Bidayuh tradition

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Welcome to Kampung Benuk, the cultural centre of the Bidayuh natives in the Padawan District of Kuching.
Get a glimpse of the rich traditions of the Bidayuh culture and savour the peaceful and laidback kampung life.

Visit the Longhouse, Mini Museum and Panggah (meeting and ritual centre) and see for yourself the blend of the pursuit for modernity and preservation of traditions.

Experience for yourself traditional tools and handicraft making under the guidance of our master craftsmen.

Relax yourselves in chill and clear waters as our guides prepare local delicacies for dinner which include the famed Pansuh (fish cooked in bamboo) and bamboo shoots.

Enjoy the cultural dance performed by village youths and join in the fun of dancing and trying out traditional clothes.

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thebackyardtourguide [at] gmail [dot] com