Koagannu cemetery, Meedhoo island, Addu AtollKoagannu cemetery, Meedhoo island, Addu Atoll

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The oldest cemetery in Maldives, that shows the creativity and the craftsmanship of the early inhabitants of Meedhoo island, Addu Atoll, Maldives.

My experience, Explo description: 

Koagannu is an interesting historical site on the island of Meedhoo, which is on the beautiful peninsula north-eastern tip of Addu Atoll. This is a place of time-honoured memories, with the adjoining island of Hulhudhoo, that even today stand isolated in their individual glory. Koagannu is the oldest cemetery in the Maldives, where important personages have been entombed.

The famous Mosque of the Judge (Fandiyaaru Miskiy) is within the perimeter of the Koagannu Cemetery that was built by the Chief Justice Mohamed Shamsuddine, after being exiled from Malé to his native Island Meedhoo with his three sons, in the reign of Uteem Sultan Shuja'i Mohamed Imaduddine I, circa 1660. The chief justice's only crime was omitting a single phrase in praising the Uteem sultan in his Friday sermon. Chief Justice Mohamed Shamsuddine and his children personally undertook the construction of this mosque.

Meedhoo, probably over 3000 years old, is the oldest populated island in Addu Atoll. Its origin and name emerge from the mists of original Indo-Aryan settlers (The meaning of Meedhoo in Sanskrit is Big Island). Centuries after the original settlers came and settled at the northern most tip of the atoll, an Arab Traveler by the name of Yoosuf Naib, planted the seed of Islam and built a place to worship Allah in 12th Century, in this island where the first mosque was built in the country to worship the Almighty, has ever since known as a centre of learning and religious education.

Though the people of the island Meedhoo are very religious, ancient beliefs survive. The people of the island fear “jinnis” - evil spirits which come from the sea, land and sky. These are blamed for everything that cannot be explained by religion or science.

The Tomb Stones in this cemetery Koagannu, shows the creativity and the craftsmanship of the early inhabitants of Meedhoo island.

The absence of any decoration highlights the purity of the shapes and gives an air of unity and great serenity.

During the Second World War the British forces built bunkers and used this area as a staging post, and the ruins of which still exists.

Other places of historical interest in Meedhoo, near Koagannu Cemetery include the “Veyraandu”, a historical site which has folk-lore connections of Pre-Islamic era, and the “Kilhi”, Located in the middle of the island is a lake-like muddy area comprising of many small fresh water ponds with species of fresh water fishes.

This is another magnificent historic Island which is an essential stop on any tour to Addu Atoll, Maldives.

My personal recommendations: 

Most visitors to this island in the past admired the cheerfulness of the men, their prowess as mariners and their acceptance of new ideas and probably strange cultures. They complimented the way the elders, poised and sage; the women beautifully clad and wearing gold embellishments, and the eagerness of the children. Also the visitors complimented the immaculately-maintained streets, the incredible sunsets and the overall beauty of the island.

For a group of six and more, an English speaking licensed tour guide will be provided.

How getting there: 

Once you get down to Male ‘International Airport, you need to take a domestic flight (just one hour + few minutes) to Gan International Airport at Addu Atoll. From there, hire a speed boat or travel by a local ferry to Meedhoo.

A tip to eat: 

In the Island few local restaurants! But It is Advisable to take picnic meal packets!

A tip to sleep: 

No Hotels or Guest Houses in the Island yet. Safer to arrange board and lodging from the near by Resorts in the Atoll. Even next to the Island there is a Resort recently opened called “Herethere”.

To get safe and discounted lodging, please contact me.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

Visit duration: 

3 to 4hours Or more

Entry fees: 

No entry frees required.


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