Ladakh a place you should not miss to visitLadakh a place you should not miss to visit

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the most interesting places in the Asian continent, then Ladakh is the ideal place to have your holiday excursion in India. The region is mountainous and it neighbors Jammu and Kashmir to North West and northern sides respectively. Other than the mountainous terrain, the region enjoys a wide variety of attraction sites such as lakes, valleys, rivers, historical sites among others that a well-rounded trip is likely

These valleys offer ideal places for trekking and picnicking for the visitors which is a great rare experience. One can trek besides the rivers that separate these valleys which can either be short distance or long distance walks. More exciting to undertake is the trans-mountain walks that take weeks of trekking and camping in the high altitude desert while at the same time visiting monuments and other sites in the wilderness
• The view of these valleys itself is quite captivating and worth a visit to Ladakh as they are well formed to preserve a wonderful escape. All kinds of adventures such as white water rafting can be done on different rivers which include river Indus and Zanskar
The lakes
• The presence of lakes in the desert is perhaps a wonder in natural occurrence. The Pangong Lake is the major lake in the region that offers great view due to its camouflaging nature. The lake gives homage to various species of wild animals that include huge flocks of yaks, ducks and other birds that are interesting to see and learn about
• The lake also provides a good view of the big mountains especially very early in the morning of in the evening

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September’s major festival where traditions are performed at great depth. The best arts are exposed during these contests

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Most of the places visited do not require special travel permits for the visitors to enter the sites. However there are some areas classified as inner line requires both the domestic and foreign tourists to have permits in order to access the areas. India does not require visitors to apply ESTA online as the system is not available in the country