Les Catacombes de Paris, Paris unofficial underground...Les Catacombes de Paris, Paris unofficial underground...

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Discover an underground labyrinth under Paris. Who said off the path?? ;-)

My experience, Explo description: 

All the buildings in Paris are made of the same kind of limestone, coming from one single quarry: Paris' underground.

For ages, hundreds of underground galleries were dug under Paris. Some of these galleries are even streets, with their own names, and plans.

These galleries are called "Les Catacombes". They are also the biggest cemetary in the world: in some parts of the catacombes, you can find bones and skulls... If you want to visit "Les Catacombes", you can see their official part: http://www.catacombes-de-paris.fr/english.htm

But some people also visit the "unofficial catacombs"... Let me tell you that accessing to these underground galleries is strictly forbidden. But on week ends, many young people looking for alternative exploration and experience gather in this parallel world, just a few steps under your feet.

My personal recommendations: 

Take dirty clothes and shoes. You will have to walk in the water. Don't forget lights. I recommend not to take a bag: it will interfere with you and you will need your hands. Lastly, tell someone you know in which part of Les Catacombes do you go and what time do you expect to come back: this person will have to call the police to rescue you if you don't come back.

If you look for more information, you can find on the web many websites about this.

How getting there: 

You absolutely need a plan. You should also go with someone who has been there already. THAT'S WHY THIS EXPLO IS NOT LOCALIZED ON THE MAP TO ITS CORRECT LOCATION: DON'T LOOK FOR IT!

A tip to eat: 

Take your own pic nic. And like the signs say: "if you like the Catacombes, take your trash back with you"

A tip to sleep: 

If you take a sleeping bag, you can sleep in...

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Day and night.

Visit duration: 

Dozens of days to explore everything.

Entry fees: 

80 euros (per person) if police catch you.

Access security: 

I strongly advise you not to go. You might very easily get lost in this labyrinth. And access is strictly forbidden.