Let's discover and protect the Ottoman graves, GërdecLet's discover and protect the Ottoman graves, Gërdec

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A crazy abandoned archaeological treasure on the side of a muddy way.

My experience, Explo description: 

At 27 km from Tirana, you can reach the small village of Gërdec. On the week ends, you might find a lot of youth hanging around. The youth, supported by the association TAMAM (education, culture, empowerment)know quite a lot of English and might be happy to share their homeland knowledge with you, as long as you respectful and interested. You must ask them about the Ottoman graves and their lake...

As long as they are abandoned, we can't definitely say it's Ottoman graves. But still, according to the locals and to the inscriptions on the graves, we might help this site to just not disappear. The bones resurface, the grave stones are crawling. Make this place become a highlight.

Gërdec Lake: after this historical and muddy walk, you must follow your improvised guide to the lake. From your place, contemplating the lake surrounded by a far away castle, you can meet three goats. If they are not there take a seat on a bunker and enjoy :)

My personal recommendations: 

Follow the locals. It will surely make your Explo unique.

How getting there: 

From Tirana take a bus or mini bus to Durrës (you'll find them close to the train station) and ask to the driver to drop you off at Gërdec (right in front of Vorë bus station). If you are not sure and have time, take a train and stop at Marqinet "train station". The mini bus will cost you 100 lek (80cents).

A tip to eat: 

Make your own sandwich, or go back to Vorë. Some cheap cheap restaurant are not waiting for you. Makes it even better.

A tip to sleep: 


Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

Visit duration: 

How long can you contemplate a lake and graves?

Entry fees: 


Access security: 

Take some good hiking shoes.