Pavlosk, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaPavlosk, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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The most charming and most elegant tsars summer's palaces in Saint-Petersburg. If you should visit only one Palace outside of the city, it should be this one!

My experience, Explo description: 

Catherine II had this neo-classical Palace designed by her Scottish architect, Cameron, in 1782.

She disliked her son, the future Paul Ist, but she gave him this Palace when he had a son, ensuring its progeny.

Paul’s wife, Maria Feodorovna, modified it considerably, making it more beautiful, and each part of the Palace and Park has her inspiration: Paul and Maria made a trip to Europe during one year and half, to gather works of art to decorate their palaces...

In 1941, the Germans burn down all the Palace, which was completely rebuilt in 1978. They also ravaged Park which took longer to rely.

Unlike the conspicuous and often clinquante magnificence of Peterhof and Tsarskoe Selo, Pavlosk is charming. The Palace's dimension is - relatively - modest.

Don't miss the throne room, the largest room of the Palace. A table is drawn up with a cover of 606 St Petersburg porcelain pieces! The paintings that decorate the roof were painted at the end of the 20th century, according to drawings and archive which had never been performed.

In the South Wing, a long Gallery of painting still houses paintings, furniture and art pieces, but the most precious ones were sent to the Hermitage.

From the windows of the Palace, the views over the park are beautiful.

The park is the largest of Russia. Water, rivers, bridges, small kiosks decorated Greek style... after the ravages of the last war, it has been a long time to be reborn.

It is now a public space, where walkers, dreamers and cross country fans like to meet!

How getting there: 

Pavlosk is 30 km south of St. Petersburg, and 6 km from Tsarskoie Selo.

The bus for Tsarskoie Selo range up to Pavlosk.
Metro: to Dostoïevskaïa station, then bus 'Pavlosk'.
Metro: to Moskovskaïa station, then bus n ° K286
since Tsarskoie Selo: bus n ° 370

A tip to eat: 

In the South wing, pleasant restaurant.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

10:00am-17:00pm every day except Fridays.

Closed the first Monday of each month.

Visit duration: 

2 hours for the palace.

If you have enough time, it is better to book all-day for Pavlosk. So you can enjoy the park, and eat on-site.

Entry fees: 

entry to Park: adult: $ 1 student: 0.5 $
palace: adult: $ 6 student: $ 3
Photo: $ 3
Video: $ 6