Pertusato lighthouse and semaphore, BonifacioPertusato lighthouse and semaphore, Bonifacio

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A nice lighthouse, over looking the strait between Corsica and Sardaigna.

My experience, Explo description: 

In 1825, it was decided to build 5 lighthouse around Corsica to help ship navigation. The program was led by Augustin Fresnel.

Pertusato was one of them (Sanguinaires islands, Chiappa, Revellata, Giraglia are the other ones).

The Pertusato lighthouse is a 21m high square tower, made of stones, centered on a rectangular building. The lighthouse is automated since 1985.

Not far from the lighthouse (about 1km West), you can also see the Pertusato semaphore. It is still in use and you can't access. This is from where the ships which go across the dangerous Corsica/Sardaigna strait are guided.

My personal recommendations: 

Park your car at the semaphore and walk to the lighthouse. This is a magnificient tour, with a nice view from the top of the impressive cliffs!

How getting there: 

Follow the "Pertusato" signs from Bonifacio.

A tip to eat: 

Pic nic.

A tip to sleep: 

In Bonifacio.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

You can't enter.

Visit duration: 

1 hour (the walk tour).

Entry fees: