Peter-and-Paul fortress , St. Petersburg, Russia Peter-and-Paul fortress , St. Petersburg, Russia

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Birthplace of the city, the Peter-and-Paul is the prerequisite for every tourist arriving in St. Petersburg. Apart from the cathedral in which all tsars are buried, there was a prison of sinister reputation now transformed into a museum.

My experience, Explo description: 

Originally from the founding of St. Petersburg was the willingness of Peter the great to shift the political gravity of Russia from Moscow to the west and have an outlet to the Baltic sea. He chose this wetland area of the Neva river delta. The first need was to defend themselves from the Swedish, who were very powerful: also the first construction was a fortress in the small island of Hare in 1703.

Ten years after its foundation, as it was less military interesting, Peter the great used it as a prison. One of the first prisoners was his own son, Tsarevich Alexis, suspected of plotting against his father, and sentenced to death.

This fortress was never attacked. Its only battle took place in 1917, when 35 gun shots were fired on the Winter Palace.

Saint Peter Door, located east of the island. It symbolizes Russia's victory against Sweden.

The House of Engineers. Annex of the Museum of history, there is furniture, porcelain, paintings and beautiful interiors of the 19th century reconstructions.

Money house. Located opposite the cathedral, it is not possible to visit.

Prison Troubetskoï bastion. Transformed into a Museum in 1924. Frightening...

Door of the Neva River. Allows you to communicate with the banks of the River. Index shows the height of water reached during major flooding of the Neva River. Pleasant walk to water with beautiful views over the river and the city.

Astronautics Museum: 'spoutniks', space rockets, etc...

My personal recommendations: 

Helicopter Tour. About 15 minutes; price 1000rbs (€25). Fly over the city and the Neva River. Baltic Airlines front Curtain Wall St. Nicholas.

How getting there: 

From the north end of the bridge of the Trinity (Troitsky most), cross the little bridge on the Strait of Kronwerk, pass under the Saint John door. The entry gate are on the right.

Afficher forteresse Pierre-et-Paul sur une carte plus grande

A tip to eat: 

You can eat crepes, beverages and sandwiches in front of the Naryshkin bastion and at the western exit of the island of Saint-Alexis ravelin.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Closed on Wednesdays and last Tuesday of the month.

Visit duration: 

Half a day with the visit of the Cathedral.

Entry fees: 

Access to the fortress is free. To visit the Cathedral and the various buildings and museums, you must take a ticket: 300 rbs = 8 €. Only the walk on the ramparts requires an additional ticket: 50 rbs