Rafting, camping, river tubing, fishing in Rioclaro nature reserveRafting, camping, river tubing, fishing in Rioclaro nature reserve

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    Ilmer, Rio Claro seems to be a nice nature reserve. Quite renown in Colombia though. The off the path grade would be better if you did focus on something particular and singular to do in the reserve! ;-)
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      Nice description. Do you have any particular tip for something very special you did there?
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      Useful information is ok. Do you have any plan of the reserve? Can we rent tents on site?
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      Yes, many!
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      Huh!... It's hard to know if it is the exact localization, but I guess so ;-)
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      The article is a bit generic. Maybe you should focus on one particular and singular activity you did in Rio Claro.
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Enjoy adventure sports and tropical forest at Rioclaro Nature Reserve.

My experience, Explo description: 

This heaven of tropical vegetation is characterized by rain forests that grow on limestone rocks in the marble deposits in the region of Northern Rio Claro. It is one of the most important and beautiful reserves in the centre of the country. It is home to rich fauna and flora biodiversity. An indescribable beauty is reflected in the transparency of the river, which opened its way through high hills of stone over millions of years to form the most splendid marble canyon that exists in Colombia.

At the reserve it is possible to go rafting down the river, caving in the marble caves with guacharos (oil birds) flying above you, hiking in the jungle or camping on the river side.

My personal recommendations: 

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How getting there: 

The Reserve is located in the southeastern slopes of the Cordillera Central in the department of Antioquia, Colombia, 3 hours from Medellin or 5 hours from Bogota through the Medellin-Bogota highway.

A tip to eat: 

If you like outdoor cooking, you can do it on the river side; otherwise, there's a restaurant and a small market a the reserve entrance.

A tip to sleep: 

A camping tent with a good roof is the best, or you can always sleep in the hostel inside the reserve.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All the year round.

Entry fees: 

USD6 per night per person for camping.
USD50 per night per person in the hostel with 3 meals included.

Access security: 

This area is completely safe for both domestic and foreign tourists.

I've been there with foreign tourists many times

I'm a tour operator out of Medellin and Rio Claro is probably my favorite destination. Even though the rafting is just level 1 & barely 2, it's still very enjoyable due to the magnificence of the landscape and the transparency of the river.
Caving is more of an adventure but make sure you're not claustrophobic or anything similar. The scenery inside the cave is amazing.
The canopy has 3 lines but the last two (right on top of the river) are far much better than any other zip-lining experience I've had in the U.S. (Alaska), Jamaica or Costa Rica.
If you visit Medellin, adding Río Claro to your itineray will be a very sensible decision. Enjoy!