Rozafa Legend and CastelRozafa Legend and Castel

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    Rozafa castle seems to be a famous castle in Albania. But nice Explo though!
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In the north of Albania, at 60km from Podgorica and 100 km from Tirana, you will discover an important historical place from Albania.

My experience, Explo description: 

Built, destroyed, re-built since the roman Empire, this castle became a high place of the war against the Ottoman in the 15-16 century.

The castle get its name from a woman sacrificed in order to build this castle. This legend is quite important in the Balkan area as you can find different versions from Greece to Montenegro, or in Serbia or in Bulgaria.

But in this castle, you might take care. Many tourists feel free to climb 500 years old walls which, then, have to be fixed with cement...If you like the place, let others enjoy it.

All in all, a trip to Shkoder from Tirana with one night at the hostel (it's worth it)will cost you around 1700 lek so 12,5€.

Rozafa's Castle

My personal recommendations: 

Go there in Automn, when the castle is empty. Have a look to one of the oldest Albanian flag and the Rozafa sculpture. Walk along the walls to enjoy the beautiful landscapes around.

How getting there: 

You can easily reach this place from Tirana by using buses or mini-buses for something like 100 lek (buses) or 500 lek(mini-buses). It will take you betwenn 1h30 and 2hours.

A tip to eat: 

A meal in a restaurant is quite cheap. Let's try a glass of Raki, some Pilaf me Djathe, and two or three qofte. You might not pay more than 300 lek. On the main street, close to the round-about and Rozafa Hostel, in direction to Tirana, you will find the most normal Albanian restaurant,

A tip to sleep: 

A night in Rozafa Hostel, in the center of Shkoder cost 1000lek for a double (but not shiny) room. Old communist and impressive hostel, you won't miss it when you arrive. If you don't have a budget limit, you might look around to find an other place to sleep.

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

You can visit it in two hours. It's not that there is so much to see or read inside, but the landscapes around are quite wonderful. The guide in the museum (at the end of the opposite side of the entrance) speaks quite a good french and english. Might be helpful when most of the explanations are in Albanian.

Entry fees: 

The cost of the entrance, in the Castle, is 150 lek.

Access security: 

Take care, it's quite slippy when it's raining. Not quite adapted to the person with difficulties to walk.

Visited Shkpder/Shodra in 2008

I stayed 2 nights and stayed at the Kadaku Hotel which is in the main square which has changed name from '5 Herooes' to Democracy Sq' ha ha....they pulled down the Communist memorial in 2009 and put a new one. A travel friend visited in 2010 and got a 3 room suite for €32, we paid €22 back in 2008 but Albania is getting more popular and so goes up the prices, but the owner Hassan is a fantastic host and can really recommend the hotel. You can get him to arrange trips in the area or the staff in the reception.We walked to the castle, but didn't go inside, but ate in a fantastic resto which overlooked the river and could see Carp jumping in the river as we heard the call to prayer from a nearby mosque..