Secret Beach and Lava Pools, Kauai islandSecret Beach and Lava Pools, Kauai island

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      The Explo deals with 2 different spots: the beach and the lava pools.
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Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Island, has several “secret” spots (how secret can it be when its official name says it is secret?) that actually are not overcrowded.

My experience, Explo description: 

Secret Beach

Located on Kauai’s north shore this beach is a true getaway. It is best not to expect total seclusion, but you will find plenty of elbow room at Secret Beach. First of all, most lodging on the island is located on the south and east shores and they each have plenty of beaches for their guests so not too many make the trip up north.

Access to secret beach takes a little effort, but it is well worth the effort. A little jaunt down a dirt road off of highway 56 leads to a small parking area (this deters some beach goers) which then leads to the beach access trail. This trail is a little tricky because it is fairly steep and slow going, but only takes about 10 minutes to get down. So don’t pack too much with you to the beach because coming back up will be a bit of a work out. These factors help keep the beach comparatively empty.

Once down the trail, you will find the beach in front of you and to the right. It is fairly big with a rocky shoreline here and there. The sand here almost looks groomed - it is clean - no debris, no garbage, just the hot sand and you. The waters give slow rolling waves with a decent break on the shoreline. Swimming and boogie boarding are fun things to do in the ocean here. Walking the beach and getting a good tan are very relaxing as you can do it without extra company.

Secret Lava Pools

Instead of going right off the trail to Secret Beach, take a left (with shoes or sandals) towards the Secret Lava Pools. Here, there are several boulders and an area where the flowing lava met the shore to create a hard rock shoreline.

These can be safely walked over to reach the pools, but be careful as it can be slippery and walking too close to the edge isn’t advisable. You will see puddles of water in many of the lava rock holes where there are fish and crabs living. Often fish will jump from one puddle to another as you approach which is fun to see.

Continue on the rocks for a few minutes until you get to a point where they take a turn back towards the south and eventually to a neighboring beach. At this bend there are a few areas where the lava rock gives way to mostly tranquil pools, depending on the tide. These are safe for swimming if you arrive at a time when the water isn’t too rough.

The Secret Lava Pools are worth the visit. There are other lava pools on the island but as they tend to have several visitors at a time it might feel like you are just in rock water rather than a private bath.

A tip to sleep: 

You can stay at:
The Villas at Poipu Kai

2373 Hoohu Road
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii 96756

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Beware the waves and the current!