Stieglitz Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Saint-PetersburgStieglitz Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, Saint-Petersburg

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Little-known and little visited, this museum provides satisfaction because it is difficult to access. Instead of processions of tourists, you will meet fine art students who will be pleased to show you the path. You can only envy where they study!

Poorly maintained and poorly presented, the museum nevertheless contains treasures.

My experience, Explo description: 

The museum was founded by baron Alexander Stieglitz in 1876. He was a rich banker and industrial, who also financed artists. He needed expert graphic designers for its business. With one million roubles, he founded a school of industrial design. On the other hand, he brought together a collection of art, with free access for his students. The collection quickly became important that he was forced to build a Museum of Decorative Arts. The museum was designed by Mesmacher in 1896.

In 1917, the Soviets transferred most parts of the collection to the Hermitage Museum.

The interior decorations have suffered from the Soviet period, which established a gymnasium there...

Now, it is the school of the Applied Arts.

The decoration is an enchantment. They include mural frescos, copies of Italian or Moscovian Palaces. A dazzling room reproduces the decor of the Terems Palace at the Moscow Kremlin (which can't be visited).

The big exhibition hall, with its marble dubble spiral staircase, is impressive. On the first floor, you can admire a life size mold of the friezes of the Parthenon, covering the walls of the gallery.

Check out the unique collection of 106 dolls in costumes of various provinces of the Russian Empire at the end of the 19th century.

Rich collection of ceramics, glasses and furniture.

How getting there: 

The entry is at the Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, Solyanoy pereulok 13 street. At the entrance, ask for access to the museum. Then, you will be guided by students to the little ticket office. A true adventure that reserves pleasant surprises!

A tip to eat: 

Teremok: Liteyny Prospekt 22 , at corner of Pestelia oulitsa.

Fast, cheap and very pleasant.

This restaurant is a Russian fast food chain offering especially salty and sweet pancakes, some of them with "red caviar". This chain has a few other restaurants in Saint-Petersburg.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Tuesday-Saturday: 11am - 16.30pm.
Closed Sundays and Mondays.
Closed in August.

Entry fees: 

60 roubles / pers (2 €)
Supplement for photos: 100 rb (2.5 €)


State Academy of art and industry of Saint-Petersburg
Solyanoy pereulok 13
273 3258