Telegraph Creek car tour and sight, Stikine River, British ColombiaTelegraph Creek car tour and sight, Stikine River, British Colombia

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A breathtaking car tour: looking over the edge literally took my breath away!

My experience, Explo description: 

The first 71 kms are BORING......... but after that it starts to get very interesting until you come around a sharp, steep bend to the most breathtaking view you could imagine. Literally breathtaking - looking over the edge literally makes you gasp (more like choke).

If you have a weak stomach for heights, sharp hairpin turns and extremely steep roads (25%+ grade), don't go.

There are signs that say "watch for livestock" - we thought it meant cows or sheep until we came upon a group of horses just wandering about the road. One had a cowbell around it's neck.

How getting there: 

Takes 3 hours to get into from Dease Lake.

A tip to sleep: 

It also says there is a campground at the end... well, there are outhouses and it looks like campsites, but it was deserted when we went and it was a creepy feeling. We didn't feel comfortable being their on our own. When we finally got back to Dease Lake, at 12 midnight, the clerk said we should have tried the B&B near the end, she treats her guests like royalty because she has so few. LOL

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

DON'T start in if it's going to be dark on your way out.

Entry fees: 


Access security: 

Where it says 10 KM/Hr, go slower!!!!!