Teluk Kiluan (Kiluan Bay)Teluk Kiluan (Kiluan Bay)

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A beautiful island with great marine life.

My experience, Explo description: 

Teluk kiluan is located at Kecamatan Kelumbayan, Kabupaten Tanggamus, Lampung (at southern part of Lampung).

It has a great of marine life. Especially, the Dolphins. Not many people know about this hidden paradise, even the local people in Lampung. The location of teluk kiluan is hardly to find. It will be a hard work to reach this place with heavy track. Winding streets, steep, derivative of a very steep road. The right side of the cliff, the left side of the ravine, bumpy to the challenges that must be passed. but it will paid off after you arrive and see the beauty of teluk kiluan.

I was there on at the end of July 2010 with a group of 12 people. I was the last person who joined this trip as
i need traveling to escape at that moment. We were backpacker and we shared budget. The reason that we went in group because we can share budget for rent the car to teluk kiluan from bakahuni seaport which is very expensive.
There is some small islands at Teluk Kiluan. One of them is Kelapa Island. we stayed at kelapa island during our visit. If you want to go there, you can contact Mr. Dirham (only he and his family who live at this island). there is a guest house at kelapa island, but we decided to build our tents outside near to the beach :D.

It was an awesome trip that i ever had. we went backpacking, camping under the star, trekking, swimming, snorkling, watching dancing dolphins. it was just us, the island and the beach.

Teluk kiluan has a beautiful crystal clear water, white sand, great underwater view and the main favourite activity is sail with a jukung at very early in the morning to see the dolphin attraction. If you are lucky, you can also see mola or mola-mola (is the heaviest known bony fish in the world).

since you arrive at Teluk Kiluan you will can't stop to swim. it is like a magnet that attract people to keep swimming, snorkling or just for sunbathing.

My personal recommendations: 

1. find information about this place

2. if it will be your first visit and want to drive by yourself, you need to be careful except for an experience
driver that ever visited this place. because of the heavy track (read explo history and description).

3. prepare yourself for long way journey.
our trip takes time about 10 hours from Jakarta - Teluk Kiluan, herewith the details:
- Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal (@East Jakarta) - Merak seaport = 1 hour
- Take ferry from Merak seaport - Bakahuni seaport (@Lampung) = 3-4 hours (we were about 3 hours)
- Bakahuni seaport - teluk kiluan by car = 6 hours
- cross with jukung from a village at teluk kiluan - kelapa island = 15 minutes
(jukung = traditional boat)

4. I suggest you go at day light/ afternoon
(we arrived at Bakahuni seaport at 3 A.M and still dark but we had an experience driver :D)

5. There is a guest house at Kelapa island that consist about 6-8 rooms but usually already booked by others.
why don't you bring your tent and camping there...its cool.

6. There is no mobile phone signal unless the telkomsel (one of local mobile operator) but still have bad
signal :D. ( i told you its a great place for escaping hehehe....)

7. There is no electricity, only rely on solar power. Mr.Dirham have a generator which will be switched on starts
at 6 P.M. , and only for a few hours ahead because it requires a lot of gasoline and high cost.
(if you run out your mobile phone baterry, it is a good chance to recharge it but you need to share it
with others :D)

8. Bring flashlight, your medicine, sweater/jacket/, food, tissue, camera.

9. don't forget your swimsuit, snorkling equipments (there is no rental snorkling equipment. there's only
lifevest rental)

10. Don't go there at rainy season

Enjoy your trip!

How getting there: 

we went there by public transportation. the meeting point for some persons was at Kampung Rambutan Terminal (East Jakarta)

herewith the details:
- Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal (@East Jakarta) - Merak seaport = by bus (IDR 20.000)
- Merak seaport - Bakahuni seaport (@Lampung) = by ferry (IDR 20.000)
- Bakahuni seaport - teluk kiluan by car (12 seats) -round trip = by car rental (IDR 1.800.000)
(based on the price, its the reason we share cost)
- cross with jukung from a village at teluk kiluan - kelapa island = by small boat (IDR 15.000)

*Rental spot to build tent = IDR 40.000 /tent

A tip to eat: 

you can ask Mr. Dirham to prepare food = IDR 15.000/ person
(it will be a traditional food and mostly fish) if you kind a person that prefer difficult with food, i suggest that you better bring your own food.

A tip to sleep: 

There is a guest house at Kelapa island that consist about 6-8 rooms but usually already booked by others.
price IDR 150.000,- /room/night. why don't you bring your tent and camping under the star :).

Useful information: 
Open hours: 


Visit duration: 

3 days

Entry fees: 

*Entry ticket to teluk kiluan = IDR 5.000


Mr. Dirham

It was a totally adventurous

It was a totally adventurous journey! If other people gong there by car or bus, my experience was going through the ocean. Ten hours on the boat, rocking by the waves along the Indian Ocean.

But the journey totally worth the view.