Toolse Order Castle, EstoniaToolse Order Castle, Estonia

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      Hatifnat, your description is cool, and you give good tips!
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Nice medieval castle ruins close to the sea...

My experience, Explo description: 

The castle lies in Toolse village, by the sea. It is the northernmost and the youngest medieval order castle in Estonia. It was built by German Order probably in 1471, to protect the harbor against the pirates. The pirates used to trick passing ships with false fire near the castle and then they robbed their goods and took people to prison. Later the people were sent to the stronghold Rakvere.

During the Livonian War in 1558 the castle was conquered by Russians, like most of the castles in Eastern Estonia. In 1581 Swedish army under the command of Pontus de la Gardie took it. During the Great Northern War (1700-1721) the castle was damaged badly.

Nowadays the castle lies in ruins. It is possible to walk in, on and around it, the seaside adds extra beauty to the place.

The sea is usually quite cold, even in summer, but locals go swimming nonetheless.

How getting there: 

It is the best to travel to Toolse by car/bus or by bicycle. Public transportation is not really an option. The nearest towns are Kunda (7,5 km) and Rakvere (30 km).

A tip to eat: 

Toolse Castle is a perfect place to have a picnic. There are few places to sit, like in a boat-like thing or plain benches and table, or even better - on the grass or beach. Just remember to bring your own food and drinks.

A tip to sleep: 

Ask around, maybe someone will allow to put up a tent. Freedom to roam doesn't apply on camping in Estonia, you must have a permission or use official camping site. Nearest hostels are in Kunda and in Eisma.

Useful information: 
Entry fees: 

In summer they sometimes (mostly weekends) they sell the tickets for about 2€.