Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaTsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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The most brilliant, the most imposing Imperial buildings of St. Petersburg. It comprises 2 Palace: the "Catherine" Palace (largest), and the "Alexander" Palace (more sober). Each palace has its own park .

My experience, Explo description: 

Started under Catherine Ist reign (second wife of Peter the Great) at the beginning of the 18th century, Tsarskoe Selo owes its magnificence and its grandeur to Catherine II.

It was called 'Pushkin' between 1937 and 1991.

During World War II, the Palace was almost completely demolished by the Germans, who burned everything they found, including the beautiful wood floors. A remarkable reconstruction (exactly the same) was undertaken after the end of the war.

The Catherine Palace.

It is dazzled by the profusion of gilding and mirrors. The aim of Catherine II and its architects was to surpass Versailles.

Exceptional: the amber room was entirely covered with panels in amber marquetry. These panels were a gift from Frederick of Prussia to Peter the Great. They disappeared during the siege of Leningrad. After 24 years of work, they have been reconstituted by Russian craftsmen, with financial assistance from a German company.

A 560 hectare park composed primarily of French style gardens is enlivened by multiple pavillons. Don't miss the cave and the Turkish bath.

From the Park, you can see the golden bulbs of the chapel sparkling...

Pavillon Alexander.

Built at the end of the 18th for Alexander Ist, the rooms have been restored in 1896, with a strong influence of Art Nouveau. It primarily served as a residence for Nicholas II and his family until 1917, before they were transferred in Siberia, where they were murdered.

This Palace is much more sober, more human than the Catherine Palace. In addition it is much less crowded!

The school was inaugurated in 1811. It was intended for children from large families of the Empire. It is here that Pushkin was educated and perhaps it is this Park which gave him the inspiration for composing some of the most popular Russian poems!

How getting there: 

Getting here from Moskovskaya Metro Station of St Peterburg:

Minibus taxi 342, 545 to the Catherine Palace and Park;
Or, bus 187 or minibus taxi 286, 287, 347 to Pushkin railway station, then bus 371, 382 or minibus taxi 371, 377, 382 to the Catherine Palace and Park

Getting here from Vitebsky Railway Terminal of St Peterburg:
Suburban train to Detskoye Selo Station (Pushkin Town), then bus 371, 382 or minibus taxi 371, 377, 382 to the Catherine Palace and Park

Getting here from Zvezdnaya and Kupchino Metro Stations of St Peterburg:
Bus 186 to the Catherine Palace and Park

For Pavlosk, bus 370

A tip to eat: 

There is a café in the Catherine Palace vestibule, a summer café at the Parterres of the Catherine Park, two restaurants and several kiosks in the area, as well as coffee vending machines in the vestibules of the palaces.

Cafeteria in the South Wing of the Catherine Palace.

Fast food in front of the school.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Palace; 10 am - 5 pm. Closed Tuesday and last Monday of the month
Park: 9 pm - 10 pm. Ts days. Sale of tickets: 9 am to 6 pm.

During the high season (May to September), there is time for groups (10 h - 12 h and 14 h - 16 h) and the individual slices: 16: 00-17 h or 18 h; It depends on the number of groups, and must often be the tail. These schedules often change and it is advisable to consult the site http://eng.tzar.ru/info/price.

Visit duration: 

As to Pavlosk, a whole day is not too much to see everything without having to hurry.

If you don't have much time, you can only devote half a day to each of the two sites located only 6 km away from each other.

Entry fees: 

Catherine Palace. adult 550 student 280 rbs rbs

Catherine Park. adult 200 student 100 rbs rbs

Palazzo Alexander: adult 300 student 150 rbs rbs

Alexander Park. free

39 rbs = 1€

Photo: permitted except in the amber room. Flash is prohibited everywhere.


The State Museum - Preserve Tsarskoye Selo 7 Sadovaya Street, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, 196601 (25 km south of St. Petersburg downtown)