Visit the Off the Path Paris in the foot steps of NapoleonVisit the Off the Path Paris in the foot steps of Napoleon

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This guided tour takes you to off the beaten track places linked to Napoleon’s reign. You will discover some unknown locations where he was used to live, where he liked to go for diner, for theater, but also where he fought…

My experience, Explo description: 

When his father sends him to Paris, Napoleon is a young student coming from his distant Corsica, who barely speaks French and who is still called « Napolione Buonaparte ». Embrassing a military carreer, he will obtain his first military successes during the Revolution’s battles. The former average student, mocked by his fellows, becomes a leader, recognized by his soldiers and the upper circles of power. Even if some try to keep him away from power, sending him to the Egypt Campaign, he will soon become Consul and Emperor.

The guide was a professional guide. The tour was really interesting.

They gave me a nice booklet about Paris and Napoleon, with many other places to explore!

My personal recommendations: 

The best moment was when we visited the Hotel de Bourrienne, with is an old mansion, exclusively open for us!

How getting there: 

Departure in front of the Orsay museum.

A tip to eat: 

Eat before.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

See the web site to have the schedules :

Visit duration: 

3 / 3.5 h

Entry fees: 

79 euros