Akhiam caves, Agoudal, High AtlasAkhiam caves, Agoudal, High Atlas

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An amazing landscape and atmosphere, like in the famous Blueberry comics: a waterfall hiding the entrance of a titanic cave, that you can only access if you cross an enormous natural arch...

My experience, Explo description: 

Located in the Aït Haddidou country, Agoudal is a typical Berber village with a magnificent ksar. 9km from the village, you will discover a stunning geological curiosity, easy to access : the Akhiam cave.

Do not forget to visit the village and its ksar.

The cave of Akhiam.

The cave is just above a waterfall. You will go up to the cave by using a trail, going up the cliff, on the left bank of the river. Once you are on the top, you will discover the cave, and be surprised by its huge size ! As the cave entrance is big and wild open, you can make a stop there, and have a break or picnic.

At the bottom of the cave, little stairs will drive you to the real cave, that you can safely explore on about 50m. For speleologists, the cave offers much more to explore : inside the cave, a huge underground lake has already been discovered, as well as many different concretions.

My personal recommendations: 

You can ride mules to go from Agoudal to the cave !

How getting there: 

To Agoudal.
Agoudal is accessible from :

  • >Imilchil (35km north)
  • >Tinerhir (90km south-east, passing by Aït Hani)
  • >Rich (130km (east)
  • >Boumalne (From the Dadès, 110km south-east, the worst of the 4 ways).

To be sure of which way you should use, specially in winter time (might be snow !) please contact Ibrahim’s inn (see "A tip to sleep").
To the Akhiam cave.
From Agoudal, drive 8km south on the Aït Hani track (road 3445). Leave the car and take a trail (on the left) that goes along the left bank of a torrent. Walk about 45 minutes. You will reach a 15m high waterfall. The cave is located above it.

A tip to sleep: 

There is a single address in Agoudal : the inn of Ibrahim.
The atmosphere is like if you were at the end of the world. But still, the inn is comfortable. The decoration is very pleasant, and the boss is really kind and efficient.
Tel : 00 212 ( 0 ) 35 88 46 28
aubergeibrahim [at] wanadoo [dot] fr
www.agoudalrando.com price list(rate)
Fees for 1/2 pension 130 Dirham (2003 !).

Useful information: 
Access security: 

Going up to the cave might sometimes be a little bit vertiginous, but not so hard !