Albarracin, AragonAlbarracin, Aragon

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Albarracin is a very well preserved town of Arabic origin. It is situated at a 1200m of height. Albarracin surprises by the red dominant colour of its houses, ramparts, and surrounding rocks.
Located in the centre of a mountainous region, you will always find there chill air, even in warm season.

My experience, Explo description: 

During more than 400 years, Albarracin was subjected to the Caliphate of Cordoba before becoming part of a Taïfa Kingdom in the 12th century. Indeed, during the collapse of the Caliphate, the management of El-Andalous territories became chaotic and around the urban spots, local potentates organized and ruled small kingdoms called Taïfas. They were not any more subjected to the authority of the Caliph. They even sometimes paid levy to Christian kings.

Albarracin became Christian again in 1363, under the reign of Pedro IV, the King of Aragon.

The city is located in a buckle of Rio Guadalaviar, between the Sierra of Albarracin (1856m) in the North, and the Universal Mountains in the South.

Perched on a rocky hill, Albarracin is almost completely isolated and surrounded by a buckle of the Guadalaviar river. The city was defended by impressive ramparts, still well preserved, from which we have a nice sight on the surrounding hills.

Albarracin can be visited by feet. You should not be afraid of the staircases ! But your efforts will be widely rewarded by the beauty of the place and the atmosphere in its small alleys.

The local houses with red walls preserved numerous iron forged elements such as knockers or window bars...

My personal recommendations: 

Do not forget to have a look at the El Salvador Cathedral.

How getting there: 

Albarracin is located 38km West from Teruel, and 120km North East from Cuenca. Very nice roads to get there with amazing sights.

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Open all day long.

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