Ban Naxone megaliths, Houakoua villageBan Naxone megaliths, Houakoua village

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A lonely place with 6 steles which were discovered in 1995. Many other steles, not found yet, should be remaining in the neighbourhood.

My experience, Explo description: 

Unfortunately, the steles have been badly restored with some cement, and are now protected by an ugly wire netting...

My personal recommendations: 

We do not really know the origin of these steles. But many people think they are correlated with a close and mystic (and much more interesting) site called Dane Soung. So make a short stop at Ban Naxone and go direct to Dane Soung !

How getting there: 

From Vientiane, go North on the road N°13 (going to Luang Prabang). Drive 22km (see the milestones) and you will reach the Houakoua village.

Pass the bridge and, just after, turn left on a sealed road (1.2km East to go). The site will be on your right, standing on the side of a football ground.

A tip to eat: 

Eat in a local restaurant (Ban Naxone, or, much better : Ban Nagnang (1km W)).

A tip to sleep: 

No place to sleep.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long.

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Entry fees: 

Free !

Ban Naxone access MAP :

View Wat Dane Soung in a larger map