Belmonte castel, La ManchaBelmonte castel, La Mancha

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Belmonte is a fortified village standing down a splendid 15th century castle, in La Mancha region, where Don Quixote committed his famous exploits ;-)

Impressive ramparts, with several monumental doors, protected this city, home town of the poet Luis of Leon.

My experience, Explo description: 

The construction of this castle was commissioned by Don Juan Pacheco, marquis of Villena.

The Mudejar gothic castle is a work of the architect master Hennequin of Brussels. It stands on Mt. San Cristóbal.

Built on a single level, the castle main square (court of weapons) is shaped in an equilateral triangle, with a grand wooden staircase providing access to the upper floors.

The castle forms a star with 6 branches, each one ending with a cylindrical tower. I recommend you to go up on the walkway to admire the view.

Beautiful painted timber ceilings ("artesonados" style) decorate large empty rooms.

The furnitures are unfortunately no more visible.

Reception lounge windows frameworks are finely worked in the Mudejar style. Whereas the Belmonte castle is abandoned since the 19th century, it is surprisingly well kept, with very few visitors.

A tip to eat: 

Palacio Buenavista
Calle La Iglesia, 2 16640
Belmonte (Cuenca)

Tél. +34 967187580 / Tél. Reservations +34 967187580

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Opening from October to March (10.00am to 13.30pm and 15.30pm to 17.30pm).
From April to October (10.00am to 13.30pm and 16.30pm to 19.30pm).

Visit duration: 

1 to 2 hours.

Entry fees: 

Adults : EUR 2 / extra : 1 euro


Phone : +34 690 203 076