Brussel Law CourtsBrussel Law Courts

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    This is one of the most famous building of Brussel and Belgium!
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Hard to miss it! The Palais de Justice is one of the biggest monuments in the world.

My experience, Explo description: 

Larger than St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Law Courts of Brussels (Palais de Justice de Bruxelles) dominates the city.

The construction began in 1866 under the reign of Leopold II, the palace was inaugurated October 15, 1883 in the presence of King Leopold II.

It was then the largest building in the world and today remains one of the largest buildings in the world. It is currently the largest courthouse in the world : its total area is 52,464m2 for a built surface of 26,006 m2 (cons 22,000 m2 for the Basilica of St Peter’s in Rome).

Its construction was the subject of many political intrigues, plots and technical and artistic adventures. Many questions remain about this project which has seen a huge budget (more than 50 million francs : equivalent to a full year of public works in the kingdom) for an initial estimate of just 4 million... The excess of the yard, and the freedom given to the architect to override almost all the rules originally imposed, remains a great mystery.

Eclectic style, its colossal columns, pilasters... The goal was unlikely to achieve a practical design, but to give justice a more overwhelming than transparent image.

The court is located on a hill dominating the city. From there, you will have a full sight of Brussels.

My personal recommendations: 

You can enter into the Court. The interior is really worth it. Have a seat in the impressive main hall. After your visit, you can walk around the court, the exterior is also really impressive, with many hidden architectural jewels.

How getting there: 

Place Poelaert 1
1000 Brussel, Bruxelles, Belgium

5min walk from the Louise/Louiza metro station.

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+32 2 508 65 78