The Burle triangle UFOs and crashes, Haute-LoireThe Burle triangle UFOs and crashes, Haute-Loire

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La Burle is a wild highland, sparsely populated, with a hard environment. It also holds the French record of unexplained aircraft accidents...

My experience, Explo description: 

Burle is the name given to the frosty wind blowing in the area. It often causes snow storms...

The Burle triangle is bounded by : Mt Pilat (1432m, north-east), Mount Mézenc (1753m, south) and the town of Le Puy (630m, north-west).

In 1982, l’Eveil, the local newspaper of Le Puy-en-Velay city, spoke of a "triangle of death" : more than 60 victims died in miscellaneous plane crashes !

Not only a staggering number of aircraft crashed there, but more often these disasters were accompanied by comments, strange events, UFOs...

Peire-Vol : this strange place was named in old French Peire-Vol : it means in modern French "pierre qui vole" : long before the accident, strange stones called "floating stones" where noticed in the area...

Many crashes are reported in the area : in november 1943, a Halifax bomber parachute equipment to local resistance. The shocking details reported by the sole survivor (tail gunner) on the last moments before the crash will be placed on the account of the terror experienced at this terrible time. The witnesses who saw the crash report that the bomber was "surrounded by a multitude of small multicoloured lights position". But by night, the Halifax did not have, having regard to its mission, any lights, but was navigating on contrary all lights turned off !

Since, almost 40 aircraft accidents will be reported on the perimeter.

You can try, if you want, to find the places of these terrible events...

  • Jaujac village : in 1963, 2 English Javelins crashed inexplicably, one on Jaujac, the other a little further. The ejected pilots couldn’t be found...
  • Mézenc mount (close to the Dent du Diable - the Devil’s teeth) : in 1965, 2 F104

crash, pursued, bring witnesses, by 6 small pinkish spheres...

  • Orcival : A French Fouga Magister crahes : it was pursued, according to 7 witnessew, by 2 UFOs.
  • Goudooze pass, August 1969 : 3 triangles with a luminous object cross a plane that crashed immediately. Just later, 2 fighting jets arrived on the scene, and were hit by flying !
  • Le Test, 1970 : a Mystere IV, accompanied by a ballet of light finally crashed near Le Test.
  • St Front, close to the Arcone lake, June 1971 : a CESSNA crashes. Residents frequently report "flying machines"...
  • Marat, 1975 : a plane crashes : repetitive testimony of witnesses explained that the aircraft was topped by pale lights and very bright at the time of impact.
  • La plaine des loups (the plain of wolfs), 1948 : the aircraft carrying the sister of President Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy Cavendish, crashed.
  • Mount Devez, on 18 September 1980 : an aircraft in distress is seen surrounded by fire and smoke. Several local teams are looking for wreckage but do not succeed to localize it... indeed any aerodrome not reported disappearance. So what did see all these witnesses ?
  • 1971 : at 1342m altitude, on the threshold of Mezilhac near the valley of the Volane, a Nord 262 aircraft crashed at Suc du Paradou... All 17 passengers are killed. Curiously, 18 corpse are found, One of them has never been identified : this is the enigma of the 18th passenger...
My personal recommendations: 

We know that these phenomena continue to occur in this sector to the same frequencies. Since, air traffic now uses of new "corridors" to fly over these euphemistically called "turbulent" areas.

Be sure to localize very precisely these places before going to try to find them. I do not want to deceive you, but most of the time, you won’t find any vestige !

Ask elderly people for more precisions when you are on site.

And why not sleep a night under the stars : maybe you might see some UFOs ?

NOTE : this article was written from a book by Jean PEYRARD : ’Le triangle de la Burle’

How getting there: 

The best to visit the area is to use a car, and buy a local map.

View triangle de la burle in a larger map

A tip to sleep: 

Sleep in local villages.

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