Caveau battery, Frioul islandsCaveau battery, Frioul islands

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Perched in the top of a rocky hill dominating the sea, you can reach this fort following a long trail going along the island. This walk strengthens the impression of isolation, overlooking the sea. The visit of the site will offer you an attractive trip allowing to discover the island of Pomègues maritime park and its numerous creeks.

My experience, Explo description: 

The Caveau battery raises at the extreme south of Pomègues, the wildest part of the Frioul islands.
As a perfect example of Séré de Rivières architecture, the battery was built between 1880 and 1883. It was then reshaped in 1901. The purpose of this battery was to control the entry of the natural harbour of Marseille.

During the second world war, the Germans occupied the site.
157 artillerymen served four 138mm artillery guns inherited from the former French position.
The guns, settled in encuvements (open-air concreted places) were considered to be too much exposed and the Germans decided to concrete four new bunkers, among which 2 were finished on the eve of the arrival of the allies, and the third abandoned to the state of bases.
These vestiges remain today visible. It is also possible to discover places for anti aircraft guns and projectors, as well as spurs of some allied bombardments of August, 1944.

My personal recommendations: 

The trip to this place is long. Take some food for a pic nic.
Take advantage of the walk to the fort to visit different creeks and forts.
Do not hesitate to go further on the trail (on the left of the fort when you arrive) to go to the Caveau cape : you will then discover the cute little "smuggler" house and the Cambrettes creek.

How getting there: 

Once you are in Frioul harbour, you need 1h to get there.

To get to the Frioul island : take a boat shuttle (SACM company) from Marseille "vieux port" (quai des Belges). From 9h till 19h every day (be careful to schedule changing depending on seasons). In the summer time, there is a special return shuttle at midnight for those who plan to have diner in the island restaurants. Telephone : 04 91 55 50 09. The trip is about 45 minutes, and 10 euros per person.

A tip to sleep: 

You can stay in Marseille.

Useful information: 
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Entry fees: 

Free. The place is abandoned.