Chgaga dunes, MhamidChgaga dunes, Mhamid

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Ouarzazate closest sand dunes. These 40-50m high dunes are easy to access to. A really nice place, where you will feel like lost in the middle of the Sahara desert...

My experience, Explo description: 

Chgaga dunes are the first sand dunes you can see when you enter into the desert, coming from the Draa river valley. There, you can find rustic bivouac camps and make dromedaries tours...

Mhamid is the garrison city where the road stops. From Mhamid, you need then to use SUV to get into the desert.

Once you are at Chaga dunes, have a check at Oum Laalag sacred oasis and its water spring. (10km NE).

My personal recommendations: 

Sleeping in the middle of the dunes, and, of course, looking at the sunset.

How getting there: 

Chgaga dunes are about 10km (SW) from Oum Laalag oasis, 2 hours from Mhamid and 6 hours by car from Ouarzazate.
Getting there by your own is difficult, because you will need a SUV to access the place (60km W from Mhamid, sand tracks). One solution is to organize your trip with a local guide : Hamza Abdessamad, Transatour : hamza [dot] abdessamad [at] groupetransatour [dot] com
Many tour guides don’t organise trips there from mid may to the end of summer : the place is too warm. The best time to get there is from march till end of may, and from September till November.

A tip to eat: 

If you book a bivouac, you will have a cooker.

A tip to sleep: 

You can sleep at Chgaga dunes bivouac camps. These camps are only opened on demand, so in order to book your stay, you need to contact a travel agency.
Mhamid’s only interest is that you can find there many hotels.

Useful information: 
Visit duration: 

At least 2 days (getting there from Ouarzazate and coming back).