El Teide, Carretera Dorsale, TenerifeEl Teide, Carretera Dorsale, Tenerife

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Considering the huge dimensions of the Teide volcano and its caldera, the best way to visit it is to take your car, as far as an excellent road connects Esperanza (in the North) to Vilaflor (in the South), and stops on the way at the excellent El Portillo information centre.

My experience, Explo description: 

The Teide’s "caldera" is 16 km in diameter and 45 km of circumference ; it is one of vaster of the globe. The gigantic collapse in the centre of the volcano is called ’Las Canadas’.

4 roads allow you to discover it, but if you had to choose one, you should prefer the one linking La Esperanza to Vilaflor (TF24, then TF21).

As far as the Carretera Dorsale road goes up, you will discover various types of vegetation. You will particularly appreciate the pines forests (Pinus Canariensis) with their long needles, grouped by 3.

The sight from the road is magnificent and the contrast between the Southern and Northern sides is striking.

The Northern side is often covered with some mists, which condensate on the pine needles, and provides a unique felling of freshness.

After the Portillo tourist centre, the road crosses the Caldera (Las Canadas), with landscapes which remind Hoggar mountain by its mineral character and the variety of colours. Numerous places deserve a stop and photos, but you cannot park wherever you want.

  • First place to see : ’Las minas de San José’ : with nice yellow and green stones.
  • 1km further, you will see on your right the starting point of the track going up to Montana Blanca and the Altavista refuge.
  • Leave on your right the road going up to the Cable car station, and drive 4km more. Opposite to the Parador, you can observe the stunning "Roques de Garcia" (see related article).
  • 6km further, you will reach a crossroad : the right road (TF38) goes down to Chio and the west coast. The left one (TF 21) is even nicer and goes down to Vilaflor, going through wonderful forests.
How getting there: 

Take the TF 24 in La Esperanza to reach the Portillo information centre.

A tip to eat: 

The best is to eat in Vilaflor (22km from the Roques, SW).

A tip to sleep: 

There is a quite ugly (but useful) parador opposite to the Roques de Garcia.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

The park information centres are open daily from 9am to 4pm.

Entry fees: 

Free !


Central Offices in Santa Cruz Telf. 922 010 440 | Fax. 922 287 837

The Park includes 2 Reception centres for the visitors :

  • Southeast side : Canada Blanca
  • Northeast side : El Portillo

These centres supply maps and many information.

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