Falia village, Sine Saloum deltaFalia village, Sine Saloum delta

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A lovely little village lost in the middle of the mangrove. A little market, a few baobab trees... And then, an adventurous dugout day trip in the Sine Saloum meanders...

My experience, Explo description: 

Falia is a fishermen village where the time has stopped. No cars, a small mosque. The village is much smaller than Dionwar (worth seeing during the same trip).

If you are interested in nature and animals, go the island standing in the ocean just opposite from Dionwar (6km west from Falia, at the south from Djiffer). This is a nature reserve where you can see birds and turtles. You can get there with a dugout.

Unfortunately, you can’t visit Falia mosque if you are a non Muslim.

My personal recommendations: 

Visiting Falia will be an unforgettable experience. You will see lovely villages in the delta, explore rivers, get lost in the mangrove fields, see hundred of birds...

The best is to rent a dugout for the whole day (30,000 CFA = 50 euros, including oil, a driver and a guide). The tour we suggest you is to rent a dugout at Ndangane (Djiffer is also possible, but not such a good place). Then, go south to the ocean and visit Dionwar. Then, go east into the delta to Falia. Once you have visited Falia, go north, across the mangrove, back to Ndangane.

Usually, the trip proposed to tourists is a short trip to go to visit the "birds" island (île aux oiseaux) : this is a tourist place with a restaurant, not so interesting...

How getting there: 

You can go to Ndangane (40km SE from Joal Fadiouth) or Djiffer (45km S from Joal Fadiouth) by taxi. Once you have arrived, you have to bargain the price on the shore of the river, where stand the dugouts.

A tip to eat: 

Take a picnic and water for the whole day.

A tip to sleep: 

No place to sleep in Dionwar or Falia, except the expensive Niominka resort (1km north from Dionwar).

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

You will need to leave early (8am).

Visit duration: 

Beware, the trip is long.

Entry fees: 

Taxi (from Joal) and dugout for the whole day should be about 50,000 CFA

Access security: 

Beware, the trip might be dangerous, particularly from Djiffer to Dionwar, where you will go through the ocean : ask the driver to stand close to the shore, because usually, dugouts do not have safety equipments on board... You can also get lost in the mangrove : that’s why you should not go there alone.

Going to Falia was just a

Going to Falia was just a perfect day.