Fortalezza walking tour, El Teide, Tenerife IslandFortalezza walking tour, El Teide, Tenerife Island

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Easy and nice walking tour in the "Las Canadas des Teide" park, with amazing sight on the Teide Volcano.

My experience, Explo description: 

The Teide’s "caldera" is 16 km in diameter and 45 km of circumference ; it is one of vaster of the globe (actually the third). The gigantic collapse in the centre of the volcano is called ’Las Canadas’, surrounded with cliffs ramparts that can reach more than 100m of height...

La Fortalezza is a piece of these ramparts, overlooking the Caldera, as well as the North side of the island.

The tour is 4h long (go and back). Take a map at the Portillo visitor centre. The trail starts at the centre botanical garden (signs n°1), going north, among the Canary Pine trees forest. All long the walk, you will admire on your left the volcano and its massive shape.

After 1h of zig zag among the bush, you will reach a flat and clear zone, evoking a desert : it is the "La Canada de los Guancheros". From there, you can :

  • Go along the Fortalezza South side till you reach the top of the Northern plain (amazing view).
  • Turn right to the pass and reach the Cruz de Fregel chapel.

Take the same trail to go back.

If you have 2 cars, you can make an other interesting tour : "Los Huevos des Teide and Fortalezza" tour.

Leave a car at the information centre car park (Portillo). With the other car, take the road to the south, and park it 1km after the "Minas de San José" (little car park on the right).

Take the large track going on the right to the Montanan Blanca. After 1 hour of ascension, you will reach a crossroad : "Los Huevos des Teide". These are big and dark stones, looking like huge eggs standing on the clear sand.

Go down using a little trail to the right to Fortalezza. You will at first walk among the bush, but the vegetation is getting more and more dense.

At the basis of the Fortalezza, you can go back directly on the right to the El Portillo. Else, if you like sport, you can go up to the Fortalezza, passing by the Cruz de Fregel chapel.

My personal recommendations: 

During the tour, have a rest at "Cruz de Fregel" chapel. With its little forest all around, this is an ideal place for a rest !

How getting there: 

The trail starts at the Portillo tourist information centre. See related map.

A tip to eat: 

No place to eat. Take a pic nic.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

The park information centres are open daily from 9am to 4pm.

Visit duration: 


Entry fees: 

Free !


Central Offices in Santa Cruz Telf. 922 010 440 | Fax. 922 287 837

The Park includes 2 Reception centres for the visitors :

  • Southeast side : Canada Blanca
  • Northeast side : El Portillo

These centres supply maps and many information.

Access security: 

The walk is always at a 2000m -2300m high altitude. Beware the cold weather and the sun !

See related map :
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