That Foun Stupa, Muang Khoun, Xieng KhouangThat Foun Stupa, Muang Khoun, Xieng Khouang

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A nice walk to a Stupa vestige overlooking the city...

My experience, Explo description: 

Muang Khoun was once the royal capital of the Phuan kingdom. Thus, though this small city was heavily bombed during the second Indochina War, there are still a few old ruins to visit.

That Foun was built in 1576. Nearby, you can also visit the That Chomphet, built in 1564, but not so well preserved.

That Foun covered ashes of Buddha that were brought from India. It was partially damaged by Chinese Black Flag bandits (19th century) who made a hole to rob a Buddha made of Gold hidden inside.

That Chomphet was created to evoke Buddhist values, inspiring truth and clarity.

My personal recommendations: 

Do not miss to have a look at the Wat Si Phum, downside in the town.

How getting there: 

Phomsavan, the new Xieng Khouang capital, is about 10h by bus from Vientiane. Muang Khoun is about 32km (S - sealed road) of Phonsavanh.

If you have a car, or a motorbike, visiting the site is easy. Else, ask for a day guided tour in a travel agency in Phomsavan : they can organize a trip to Muang Khoun, to the Plain of Jars and to other interesting places to visit in the area. Such a tour cost total (guide+ gas+ mini van) $80.

The Stupas can’t be missed : they overlook the town.

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

All day long

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Entry fees: 

Free !