Fournaise volcano museum, Bourg-MuratFournaise volcano museum, Bourg-Murat

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The Fournaise Volcano is one of the most active in the world. It is also one of the main attraction of Réunion island. Bourg-Murat is the entrance of the road accessing to the volcano. There can you also visit a volcano museum, really useful to better enjoy your visit of the volcano.

My experience, Explo description: 

Appeared from the depths of the Indian ocean 3 millions years ago, the first Réunion volcano didn’t erupt for 20.000 years. This volcano is called Piton des Neiges (3070m). As the ocean around the island is about (4000m) deep, it means that this volcano is about 7000m high !

Then, a second volcano erupted, about 500.000 years ago. This volcano is active, mostly since the 50s : 1 or 2 eruptions per year ! And the most important occurred in spring 2007 !

That’s why it is imperative to visit the volcano museum to know what are the conditions before going up to the volcano... This museum was conceived by 2 famous vulcanologists (Maurice and Katia Krafft), who died in 1991 during the Unzen Mount eruption. Many films of eruption are from their personal collection.

Bourg-Murat volcano museum (La Maison du Volcan) is the best way to be introduced to the "Monster". For instance, it might be useful to know whether or not an eruption is on progress at the moment and if you can go up to the top of the volcano ?! Some video cameras shows in direct live what is up on the top of the volcano and in sensible areas...

The museum is also very interesting to understand how the island was formed, or to learn about the different types of volcanoes. You can also see many videos of spectacular eruptions !

Bourg-Murat (1560m) is the starting point of the RF5 road, also called "the volcano road (la route du volcan)". It is about 30km long, (20km are tarred). The whole road is easily drivable, and you will enjoy unforgettable sights. The road stops at the "Pas de Bellecombe" (2311m), which is a belvedere overlooking the central part.

My personal recommendations: 

Bourg-Murat is also a pleasant place to stay, with fresh air.
This is a good starting point to hike around :

  • >botanical trail : Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix , with a vertiginous point of view overlooking the Rivière des Remparts
  • >excursion to the Grand Bassin
  • >one of the 2 accesses to the Piton des Neige summit starts 2km north from the village (direction "Plaine des Palmistes", on the RN3).
How getting there: 

Bourg-Murat is located on the RN3 road, that goes from Saint-Pierre to Saint-Benoit .

A tip to sleep: 

You will find many hotels and inns there.
La Ferme du Pêcher Gourmand. A very peaceful place. Nice little and simple rooms. The cooking merges local flavours with French south-west receipts. A very nice place
Tel :02 62 59 29 79

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

Maison du Volcan (volcano museum) : from 9.30am to 19.30pm. Closed on Mondays. Closed the 1st of January, of May, of November and the 25th of December.

Visit duration: 

Museum : at least 1h. But you can easily stay there a whole day, particularly if you go there a rainy day !

Entry fees: 

7 euros / person. 11 euros per family. 5 euros : senior. Reduced fees : 2.5 euros.
I recommend you to take a "coupled" ticket with the Stella Matutina museum (11 euros, 1 year pass).


02 62 59 00 26
Volcano hot line : 02 62 27 54 61