Frombork cathedrale,  WarmiaFrombork cathedrale, Warmia

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Frombork is a little town (about 3000 inhabitants) located in the North of Poland in the Warmia Region. But it is also the town where Copernicus lived...

My experience, Explo description: 

The history of the region is very much connected with the Polish and Teutonic (German Order) history. From the 18th to the 20th centuries it was taken by Germany (Prussia) and was called the East Prussia.
After the II WW it was returned to Poland.

When you think Frombork – you think – Copernicus…
Nicolas Copernicus.

World’s famous astronomer – author of the “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium”.
Also monetary reformer and a doctor - one of the best in his times, in the north of the Kingdom of Poland. Although today some of his recipes might rather shock us …

While reforming the monetary system (today known as Copernicus-Gresham Law - the one stating that bad money eliminates good money) he wanted to unify the system as there were too many currencies in force… By the way, 1519, the year when Copernicus started to work on his monetary reform – was the year of Gresham’s birth. And the monetary system reformed by Copernicus lasted till the German seizure of the land in 1772.

In 2005 a world-wide sensation spread from Frombork : the archaeologists at last found the grave of the famous astronomer in the Cathedral. The archaeological search for Copernicus was very difficult (this demands a separate story). Finally, his upper scull was found and sent to the Central Forensic Laboratory in Warsaw. It was not said whose it presumably was. It was just said – a scull of an elderly man from the 16th century. The scientist who worked on it – said that from the beginning he supposed that it was a Very Special scull. When he reconstructed the face of the long dead – he was sure it was Copernicus. The scar on his forehead and the broken nose gave the certainty.

Although born in Torun, Copernicus after studies in Cracow and Padua, spent 33 years in Frombork, which he described as “the remote place of the Polish Kingdom, forgotten by God and people”. He was not only a canon priest, but also an administrator of Warmia, and therefore a colonizer. He settled people and established several still existing villages.
He also worked on “Bread Regulations” unifying the weight as well as both the price and the recipe of bread in the whole region. He was also a doctor – and a well known one. Duke Albrecht von Ansbach (the former Teutonic Grand Master) of Koenigsberg - called for him specially.

Frombork cherishes Copernicus’ memorabilia.
There is his epitaph in the wonderful Cathedral (and in May 2010 asecond burial ceremony will be held), there are also many documents either issued by him or for him – stored in Copernicus Museum.

There also is a small Holy Spirit Hospital Museum. Very interesting place – as there one can see the officinal utensils, also read the original pharmacopoeia with many practical application recipes of herbs (some of them are used till today). The chest from his times is exposed there too – the common opinion says that it might have been HIS chest in which he stored his belongings.

The Cathedral is an absolute MUST.
It was built between 1329 and 1388. And then it was constantly decorated - according to the changing style and needs of time. So - being a splendid example of a medieval architecture it contains ruch baroque ornamentation inside.

In summer there is an Organ Music Festival organized.
Maybe nothing comparing to the famous Oliva Festival (this is another story), but interesting is the fact, that the acoustics in the Cathedral gives 7 seconds’ delay to the voice !
The architecture and ornamentation of the Cathedral is beautiful and very rich –in places it has the … Middle East influence.

I highly recommend a visit to Frombork.

It is beautiful whole year around. Especially in the mornings, when the nearby Vistula Bay looms out from the morning mists.
The view from the Radziejowski’s Tower is marvelous – one can see nearby Russia.

The town is still a littlebit remote, as Copernicus once thought.
Maybe that is why it still is beautiful and unspoiled.

The Frombork Cathedral (Assumption of St. Mary and St. Andrew’s) is a church with a unique accoustic. The voice has a 7 seconds delay. So it is interesting to listen to the organ recital. Besides it is one of two places in Poland where you can see the organ player.

The western gate to the church has a very special ideology - not seen anyhwere else in Europe. It is missionary.

In the Bell Tower there is a Foucault Pendulum.

a very tasty cake and coffee is being served in the Water Tower, below the Cathedral Hill

My personal recommendations: 

When in Frombork - Holy Spirit Hospital has to be visited. Only there one can see - what we call "three cows on the gable" :-))

How getting there: 

To get to Frombork – car or bus can be used. No train connection.

The Bus (PKS - regular connection) leaves Gdansk from the Bus Station - just near the Main Train Station.

There are several busses from Gdansk to Frombork :
9:50 a.m. and is in Frombork at noon
13:00 and is in Frombork at 14:52

Getting back
15:28 from Frombork , and at 17:19 in Gdańsk
16:13 from Frombork , and at 18:15 in Gdańsk
18:38 from Frombork , and at 20:29 in Gdańsk

It is best recommended to leave Gdansk at 9:50 as then there is more time to spend in Frombork.

A tip to eat: 

There are few restaurants in Frombork :

ul. Stara 1
14-530 Frombork
tel./fax (0 55) 243 78 00
donroberto [at] domfamilijny [dot] pl

ul. Rybacka 4
tel. (0 55) 243 72 75
14-530 Frombork
e-mail : biuro [at] restauracja-akcent [dot] com

ul. Pocztowa 15
tel. (0 55) 243 74 52
14 - 530 Frombork

Also restaurant in the Kopernik Hotel
Hotel „Kopernik” **
ul. Kościelna 2
tel. (055) 243 72 85, 243 72 86
tel./fax (055) 243 73 00

A tip to sleep: 

Not many places to sleep :

Hotel „Kopernik” **
ul. Kościelna 2
tel. (055) 243 72 85, 243 72 86
tel./fax (055) 243 73 00
e- mail : hotel [dot] kopernik [at] wp [dot] pl

Dom Familijny "Rheticus"
ul. Kopernika 10
14-530 Frombork
tel./fax (055) 243 78 00
e-mail : rezerwacja [at] domfamilijny [dot] pl

Agro-tourist place :

Useful information: 
Open hours: 

The Musem is Open from 9am till 6 pm
On Mondays the Museum is closed.
The Holy Spirit Hospital is closed on Sundays and Mondays

The Bell Tower is open in the summer season. In winter closed for safety.

Possible boat tours - accros the Vistula Lagoon.
11:10 and 15:10 there are sails from Frombork to Krynica Morska (it is about an hour’s sail). The ticket prices will be available at the end of February.

The Ticket Office is open from 9.00 till 15.30

The palnetarium is open 10:40, 12:20, 14:00, 15:40 ;

Visit duration: 

All depends on the weather and ... need.
Sometimes my tourists stay overnight. Sometimes we take a trip by boat to Krynica.

Entry fees: 

In summer tickets to the Bell Tower are 5 ZLOTY and reduced is 3 ZLOTY
The tickest to the Church are 4 and 2,
the Museum is 4 and 2,
and the Hospital is 4 and 2 ZLOTYS.

Planetarium tickets : 8,00 ZLOTY and reduced 5,00 ZLOTY


Muzeum Mikołaja Kopernika,14-530 Frombork, ul. Katedralna 8
Information : tel./fax (48-55) 244-00-75
e-mail:frombork [at] frombork [dot] art [dot] pl

Access security: 

The Bell Tower has more than 200 steps, and is quite a challenge. But worth trying !!! The view is glorious.
The church is rather cold inside and besides it is an active church - so appropriate dress is required.
The Museum has quite slippery floor. The steps are not very steep.
Holy Spirit Hospital has a splendid garden around so appropriate footwear is required.